Who's Been Vaccinated?


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So the plan is to hope a segment of the population dies off... got it. Thanks
spent about 5 years in Asia between 2012 and 2018, three of those in china.

Knowing they are having problems providing for the elderly population (one child policy) made asshole pooh ""allowing"" families to have more than one.
Simply because they need YOUNG and PRODUCTIVE workers to supplement the very poor retirement money for the old. In addition, a vast majority of Chinese men smoke and they are weak (lack of good nutrition) compared to Westerners.

The AVERAGE Chinese:

They have no conscience.
No scruples to rip off friends.
Typical commie egoistical attitude.
No manors or discipline.

Not at all a surprise that the wuhan virus swept through china and other countries and for the most part hit older people, and don't think the release of the virus was accidentally.
It may have been a bit premature, but the plan all along was to get rid of the older, useless burden for society.

Since several of my coworkers are married to Chinese and other Asians, I took my voice recorder into a few meetings, and let me tell you, the translation from our interpreters are quite different when compared to the ones from my colleagues wives.

NEVER EVER TRUST muzzies or the smiling communist Asians.

South Korea and Taiwan is a different story, fine people for the most part.


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So just to be clear - @roscoe is incoherent.
-And that liberal mantra, "My body, my choice" is brutally ironic when the Left is trying to create Corona Concentration Camps and Corona Transit Papers... .

Talk about incoherent - "Corona Concentration Camps"?

People need to remember that vaccination mandates have been with us a long time, starting with George Washington. Because it is not only about 'your body'. The disease is communicable. If you want to catch a non-communicable disease, go ahead! Stab yourself with a rusty nail and get tetanus! No one will stop you from doing that.


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Join the list of people who've blocked roscoe. Don't feed the troll. :)

Blocking my unpopular opinions is an act of cowardice on a site like this, where the point is to debate. Go somewhere else for an echo chamber if you can't handle open debate.