Who's Been Vaccinated?


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Yes, well, taking YOUR data, it comes out to a rate of (464/100,000) = 0.005 (rounded) for unvaccinated persons, or in other words, less than half of one percent. Ya, that's a big number all right. Certainly big enough to scare the pants right off of me. :p
Take a careful look at those data. That is just January-October. For people 75+, it was literally 3 per 100 in one 7-month period. That is not trivial.


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The proper Covid-19 prophylactic human dose is one dose biweekly, 200 ug/kg body weight, which comes out to 19 mg for a 200 lb adult human. A more conservative regimen used in some countries is one dose per month. While it is true "we do not know the long-term effect of a daily or weekly course of ivermectin", as you state, nobody should be taking that much. It's overdosing. It's like the clinical study that found ivermectin was harmful - the study that gave near-death Covid patients ten times the proper dose. The study was designed to fail, and IMO they murdered their study patients to produce the desired outcome.

Whoah. That dosage still seems high. Here they say .15 milligrams/kilo. For a 200 pound person, that is 13.5 mg, and that is only every three months.

Anyway, its your body. But that ain't for me.


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Whoah. That dosage still seems high. Here they say .15 milligrams/kilo.
200 micro grams per kilo for Covid prophylaxis works out to 19 mg for a 200 lb adult.

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Ivermectin has an extremely broad safe therapeutic range. A couple milligrams per dose difference is negligible from a safe-use standpoint. It's the frequency that's important since it's a fat-soluble chemical.

I really can't figure out why you're afraid of off-label use of a drug with FDA approval for other uses and a 40-year history of safety and extremely low adverse events:


... as compared to, say, Tylenol:


... but you're unconcerned about a vaccine using new technology, and a very short history, and operating under an emergency use authorization, and this is its Vigibase data screenshot:


... and that's ONLY the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine and ONLY about one year.

5,705 vs. 2,457,386 !?!?!? 40 yrs. vs. 1 yr. !?!?!?!?

C'mon. Get real.
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