Watching China Melt Down


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China is an odd bird.
They have made it extremely difficult for their common comrades to invest in anything except real estate and other government-controlled stocks.
Well, the government has decided to meddle deeply in their internal real estate market.
Some $63,000,000,000.00 in value simply ceased to exist.
Meanwhile, import of Australian coal was blocked for purely political reasons.
China is seriously dependent on coal, and the lights (and industries) are being shut off for days at a time.

This is beginning to have a major effect on the rest of the world.
Real estate is getting dumped, energy prices are jumping, steel and other metals are wobbly, common commodities aren't getting distributed, and the idiotic diktats issuing from Washington D.C. are just making things worse.

Yep, it's going to be a cold, hard winter all over the world.
Are you prepared?

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I've been prepared.

Living in the sticks, two fridges, 25cf chest freezer, whole house generator, 600g propane tank, meds/kits, ammo/guns, tools, ingenuity and a willingness to survive.

I'm not looking forward to whats coming but I'm as ready as one can be.



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The CCP has clearly and firmly declared its goal to be THE world power, and also made no secret that the next step toward that objective is taking Taiwan. Everything that goes on in that country is under the thumb of the CCP and everything is subservient to its goals. They've begun preparing their population for hard times and for war. A couple of YouTube channels by guys that used to live in China and still have ties there and who know and understand what's going on are:
Everything that's going on in this country is providing the CCP with opportunities to move forward on their goals for their country.


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The Dems are frightened and nervous.
The Chinese money didn't roll in for this election.
Their economy is in melt-down mode and they don't have much to spare.
They're even telling their people to stock up on food because they expect to run short this winter.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinpeng and Jiang Zemin are having a face-off over who's going to run China.
Xi controls the Army, so he's doing Army stuff like threatening all of his neighbors from India to Taiwan.
Jiang controls the Police, so he's cracking down on everything grom Falun Gong to Hong Kong.
They have to show the Party members who is the baddest.
They don't have time to concern themselves with the finances of a bunch of American barbarians.

And the Black Swan events (ill omens) keep rolling in... .