Trump and the Wall


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Now the Texas House of Representatives is taking action.

According to Fox News, "The Texas state House of Representatives passed three bills Thursday morning intended to bolster border security.
One bill sets aside over $1 billion to construct border barriers, and the second increases sentences for human trafficking.
The third — known as House Bill 4 — would allow local police to arrest and deport illegal migrants.
The bill aims to re-empower Texas officers to handle illegal immigration directly, despite rulings by federal courts that gave jurisdiction of the border to the federal government.
The bill will now head to the state Senate, where Republicans maintain a similarly commanding majority and are expected to approve the legislation."


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After hosting millions of Afghan refugees since 1979, Pakistan orders illegal immigrants without legal documents (Interesting Reuters is not using "asylum seekers" or "migrants") to voluntarily leave the country by November 1, including 1.73 million Afghans, or face mass arrest and forced deportation. Pakistani government plan to confiscate property and assets of illegal immigrants -


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Sweden is also lining up to deport immigrants that are not making more than about $2500 per month.
It seems to be contagious... .


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Now the Biden administration wants to put in a 'portable, possibly temporary' wall in my area.

According to the McAllen Monitor, my local paper:
McALLEN — The Biden administration’s plan to build new barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border in South Texas calls for a “movable” design that frustrates both environmentalists and advocates of stronger border enforcement.

The plans for the nearly 20 miles of new barrier in Starr County were made public in September when the federal government sought public input. The following month, the administration waived 26 federal laws protecting the environment and certain species to speed up the construction process.

“The United States Border Patrol did not ask for this downgraded border wall,” Rodney Scott, a former U.S. Border Patrol chief said.

Construction is moving forward despite President Joe Biden’s campaign promise not to build more wall and amid an increase in migrants coming to the nation’s southern border from across Latin America and other parts of the world to seek asylum. Illegal crossings topped 2 million for the second year in a row for the government’s budget year that ended Sept. 30.

People such as Scott who want more border security believe the barriers won’t be strong enough to stop people from crossing illegally. Environmentalists, meanwhile, say the design actually poses a greater risk to animal habitat than former President Donald Trump’s border wall.

Biden has defended the administration’s decision by saying he had to use the Trump-era funding for it. The law requires the funding for the new barriers to be used as approved and for the construction to be completed in 2023.

(No mention is made of the several dozen miles of existing wall sections that are in storage... .)

Most barriers on the border were erected in the last 20 years under Trump and former President George W. Bush. Those sections of border wall include Normandystyle fencing that resembles big X’s and bollardstyle fencing made of upright steel posts.

Biden’s barrier will be much shorter than the 18- to 30-foot concretefilled steel bollard panels of Trump’s wall. It also could be temporary.

An example of the style of barrier his administration will use can be seen in Brownsville, about 100 miles southeast of Starr County. Metal bollards embedded into 4-foothigh cement blocks that taper toward the top sit along the southern part of a neighborhood not far from the curving Rio Grande.

Over the last year, the Rio Grande Valley region was the fourth-busiest area for the number of people crossing into the U.S. illegally, though it was the busiest in previous years.

With the design planned for Starr County, federal border agents will be able to move around the fencing, said Democratic U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, who represents Starr County. “So it’s one of those things where if they want to direct traffic, they can move it.”

Scott agreed that the “moveable” fences can be used as an emergency stopgap measure to block off access in some areas. But he warned that if the fencing isn’t placed far enough into the ground, someone might be able to use a vehicle to shove it out of the way, provided they don’t mind damaging the vehicle.


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On the way to my LGS to make a payment on my Christmas present - a Nazi-marked High Power - I got to watch a crew load up a Wall section that was on its way to the border.
Very satisfying... .


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I spotted several rail cars loaded with the larger-sized square tubing that is used to make the bollard Wall sections, waiting to enter ths Alamo Wall storage and assembly yard.
So, even though the yards are crammed full of completed panels, more are arriving.
I suspect that these materials will be used in building the gates and reinforcements for the new sections that are being installed... .


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Now CNN and Democrats want "The Wall" :oops: ... I had to double check to see if I was watching Fox News. :ROFLMAO:
  • [Border issue] "... needs to be a blaring wake up call for Biden"
  • FBI: Growing concern for coordinated attack like ISIS backed Russia concert hall attack
  • "We must address this [border] issue ... a real problem"

Axios new poll showed 42% of Latinos support the wall (Latest Axios-Ipsos Latino Poll in partnership with Noticias Telemundo) -

Why it matters: The findings suggest former President Trump's calls for more border security — and perhaps his anti-immigrant rhetoric — are registering even among people who may have ties to immigration.​
The findings also reflect the frustration that has made illegal immigration a top election-year issue for many Americans, and shed light on Republicans' recent inroads among Latinos.​

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Why isn't the border being secured? Why not just re-implement what Trump had implemented, which was undone at the start of Biden administration? What's the holdup on "Executive action" from Biden?

Executive action at southern border not coming anytime soon | The Hill

The White House seemingly shot down the idea that President Biden would take executive action at the border anytime soon. Instead, Biden and Mexican President Obrador say they will work together to implement measures to reduce border crossings. A panel on "The Hill" discusses the ongoing border crisis.​

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