Rand Paul and the lies of political gain


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Rand Paul is a medical doctor as is Fauci. The difference is that he does not have financial interests with the the vaccine manufacturers.
Oh, and you have evidence that Fauci has financial ties to any of the vaccine manufacturers? Do tell!

Perhaps you get your information from the Bills' offensive line? That's where I get all my important science news!


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.... refuses to be pushed around by politicians. ...
Ah hah hah hah hah hah ... absolutely hilarious ... no, Fauci doesn't need to be pushed around ... he's the perfect weathervane ... on a well-greased bearing, no less.

I respected him way back at the beginning of the pandemic. Gradually he lost my respect, not due to any influence from any others, but just due to his own statements and actions, and I could see him for the self-serving individual he is.