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I was reading in the Wall Street Journal that Poland and the Baltic States are refusing to accept Russians that are evading the draft.
Smart of them.
Russia has a history of sending ethnic Russians into adjacent regions and then using these new residents as an excuse to include these regions into the Motherland.

Meanwhile, millions of people from all over the world, many from countries and regions that are hostile to the United States, are flowing over our border.
Is this a prelude?

Admittedly, the hordes entering the U.S. may be a net positive - if they are allowed to assimilate, become educated and become legal citizens. After all, our population of current citizens is about to go into free fall. The boomers are dying off and the rest of the fertile generations are falling farther and farther below replacement levels. My fear is that these immigrants will either refuse to assimilate (like the Islamics that have been shipped in by Obama) or will be refused citizenship as a means of turning these folks into a sub-class of near-slaves... or possibly as the seeds of a future rebellion against those that are keeping them down.
Interesting times... .


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The "hordes" illegally entering the U.S. are mainly coming from countries that are mostly Roman Catholic - ie very conservative family, social and cultural values. If the Demos are thinking these immigrants are going to be voting Democratic as a token of gratitude and so ensuring their rule, they're not thinking this all the way through. Once these people understand what the Demos are all about these days they're going to be voting conservatively, not progressively and liberally. It may take at least one election cycle, but if this is the Demo's game plan for Demo votes and permanent Demo rule, it's going to backfire on them big time at some time in the future. If this country can make it through that far and remain a democratic republic and not a Democratic dictatorship. (note the distinction between lowercased and uppercased).

I don't think you need have any concern about non-assimilation, though. It seems to me they're already assimilating, and assimilation is a part of our culture, our history, and our tradition. Not always without a few hiccups, but those who want to be "Americans" and those that embrace America and its culture and its values will always be welcomed and assimilated so long as they are net positive contributors to our country. I had a neighbor who was from Mexico and he was one of the best neigbors I've ever had. Man, was that guy a glutten for hard work!!


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It's amazing what you can learn from these Chinese border-jumpers and refugees - even the ones that speak little or no English.
Of course one of my associates is the daughter of one of Chang Kai-shek's generals... .


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According to some of these refugees, none of the participants that they know that were in the 'White Paper Rebellion' can be reached.
They have simply disappeared.
It's amazing what a government can do when their face-recognition software is near perfect.
It's so good that our federal government wants to install it over here... .


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All of the big-blue-city Democrats sneered at the border cities and states for complaining about being inundated by huge numbers of un-vetted people from all over the world.

"It's no big deal", they said,

Now, the big Blue Sanctuary Cities are the magnets that are drawing in all of these 'migrants' and they are starting to panic.

As NBC's Chuck Todd admitted, "Coming up, New York City's growing humanitarian crisis. The shelter system, slammed by an influx of migrants. New calls for federal help. I guess Greg Abbott was right," Todd told viewers. "He said once he got blue cities to deal with this, that they would be very upset at the federal government."

New York City's Mayor Adams is demanding assistance from the federal government after warning that the sanctuary city’s ongoing migrant crisis threatens to "decimate" it. New York City has repeatedly declared itself full and overwhelmed by the number of migrants that have entered, both on their own and with assistance from Texas, where Abbott has been offering migrants buses to get to cities like the Big Apple, as well as Washington, D.C., Chicago and Philadelphia.

Adams said the influx of migrants is projected to cost over $12 billion by 2025, reporting that nearly 100,000 asylum seekers have arrived in the city in the last year alone. New York City, Adams said, is "past our breaking point," pleading for additional help from the state and federal government.

Meanwhile, Texas continues to send buses of migrants to sanctuary cities across the country, including Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Abbott has previously said the migrant relocations will not stop until the federal government fixes the crisis at the southern border.

Source: Fox News


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The current estimate of illegal aliens in the U.S. by the Brookings Institute is over eleven million.
That's equal to the total populations of ten of our less populous states.
How is that not an invasion?