I refuse to wear a mask


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What's the point anyway? Wearing a mask, even an N95 does not offer complete protection from viral exposure. Nor does not touching your face, washing hands, "social distancing", or bandanas.

Let me first say the following: If you are medically at risk or aged with an impaired immune system, you must safeguard yourself from viral infections the best you can. This virus, as with ANY VIRUS can seriously affect your health and even survival.

For the rest, none of these approaches completely protects us from exposure. If we haven't already been exposed, we most likely will be when we return to work and other activities. And we will survive and build up some imminunity to it, a "herd immunity", if you will. Then the cycle will continue as it has for ages and ages. This approach works. Ever heard of SARS and MERS? Corona virus is nothing new. Yes, Corona virus has been around in various forms since or even before 2005. So why is our response so different this time?

It's not about the virus...it's about FEAR and destroying our economy [POLITICS].

The mask serves as a reminder to avoid touching your face without cleaning your hands,
All other functions are secondary.
I'd say there's a continuum of effectiveness. wearing a mask wrong is still helpful. wearing an n95 mask properly fitted and sealed is still not a 100% guarantee of keeping out the virus. I'm glad people are wearing masks, but I agree, they could put a little more effort into it
I see lots of people wearing masks. If you watch them for any length of time 99% of them aren't wearing or behaving correctly with them. Lots of websites out there and directions on purchased masks that tell you how to wear them correctly. Seems very few are paying attention. It's more of a fad to many than a real way to control a virus. IMO.


I tried wearing a mask, a few times. Each time I last about twenty minutes before I become uncomfortable and panicky, like I'm suffocating. It takes about an hour to fully recover. No more masks for me.
Since Ralphy decided to try more dictatorship my work has implemented masks even though it makes zero sense as we are a lumber mill. Nobodies really wearing them.

I have a couple of those pull up bandanna things for work and when I go out. Easy enough to pull it up if some place persists and not uncomfortable when pulled down and worn around the neck. Extremely thin material.

Let me be clear that when Northam first "ordered" this I was ready to give two middle fingers to the world. I was not happy to say the least.

Upon further reflection it's not worth losing my pretty good job over and as far as going out in public I just use it if theres an explicit sign on a business or if someone says something. Many folks are just not wearing anything regardless but as a CCW I feel like we're supposed to blend in and not make waves, so that's what I'm doing, as much as I hate it.

But hey, I have to get groceries and other things and dont know which businesses care or dont care about this "order". You can say want you want but if all the local businesses require you to wear something or refuse you service youre stuck, unless you want to cause a scene.

What's really sad is the amount of society that's just falling in line lock step with this crap. If folks put as much effort into opening up the economy and going back to work as they did burning stuff up and looting we'd have everything back to normal within a week.


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Same here. I'm in the mnts of Virginia and wear respirators "professionally" in my work,and will continue. Heck we have full on dust collection systems,spray booth,welding,yadayada. But when our good govenor tells me I gotta wear one cause I'm too stupid to figure things out.....

Naw,that just gets me pi$$ed. So was like Good Ole above was just going to flip'm off and not wear one. But have changed my mind and will have a bandana round the neck. Not gonna use it unless someone says something and then pull it up. Not worth getting BP worked up.

One of my sons sent a meme..... "wearing a mask now is like wearing a condom at the baby shower".


But the reality is that the virus is smaller than the pores on masks, even than on the N95s.View attachment 307

You aren’t trying to keep out individual viruses. The danger isn’t loose viruses just blowing around in the air. You’re trying to keep out viruses suspended in respiratory droplets.

Whoever made that meme doesn’t know much about science. That’s like arguing that surgeons shouldn’t wear masks during surgeries.
Just an update, since well over 50% of folks at work aren't wearing masks and everywhere I go in public even where "masks are required" there are folks not wearing them I having decided to forgoe the whole thing.

It's far too hot here to be wearing a face covering for extended periods and now we have more confusion with the WHO saying again that they (masks) cause more harm than good worn by a healthy person. On top of that they're now saying that Asymptomatic folks are extremely unlikely to pass this on to others. Combine all that with all of the rioting where virtually all social distance is ignored and its blatantly obvious this was all vastly exacerbated from the get go, which is what I've been saying from the start.

No more mask for me.
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I generally do not wear a mask, unless I’m at a site where my work mandates it.

I kinda figure; masks have been SOP in China for a bunch of years, and that didn’t do them a damn bit of good, so what the hell.
I generally keep my distance anyway, and I’m not a mouth breather...


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I kinda figure; masks have been SOP in China for a bunch of years, and that didn’t do them a damn bit of good, so what the hell.

Without solid accurate numbers from the Chinese (which I doubt we have), whether or not their mask wearing practices had an effect or not seems impossible to prove. Though based on the numbers they have released (which are almost certainly false) they are doing much better than we are.

And we in the US aren't going to know how effective the measures of mask wearing and social distancing really work either. There's simply too many people ignoring them for us to get an accurate assessment.


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I have posted this before, but . . .


And in case you think it is just testing - here we are, 4th worst in the world for per-capita deaths, despite having the best medical system in the world (ostensibly):
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I went to the store yesterday and saw a bunch of people wearing coats and hats. I had a good laugh at those sheep because I did my own research. Only 1500 people die of hypothermia in the US every year. That’s only 0.0005% of the population. That means those people are living in fear of something that 99.995 of the population survives. And to make matters worse, a whole bunch of those people who died from hypothermia were wearing hats and coats anyway and they still died.

Wake up people, hats and coats don’t work.