Welcome, THR folks!


Hi all ... haven't been all that active on THR over the last few years (moved to Colorado in 2002 so I sort of gravitated to the COAR forum) anyway now that I'm no longer living in CO (back in KS) I'll probably drift away from there a little bit. :)

Hey Zunde....long time no see. Hope all is well. Me and mine still kickin'.

PS: Welcome to all the newbie's...even if you ain't a newbie.;)


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I concur.
the cleansing has already started, and the dark side is in full swing preparing riots on inauguration day, just to blame it LATER with phony evidence on the mostly peaceful TRUMP supporters. We are watching history, Goebbels is turning in his grave for envy, not having had the Internet during his and Adolf's rein. If he had had it, you'd be speaking right now German with me.

Always knew how despicable and twisted the vast majority of dems and libs were, but the fact that President Trump got shafted over and over by so called republicans makes me sick to my stomach.

Not trying to incite violence, but our Founding fathers would have "lifted" guys like our SC snake in the grass graham and mcdonnel on large branches of oak trees to help them getting ""aired out"".

During the next 4 years blm, antifa and other domestic terrorist organization's will be trying to destroy unbridled AND emboldened our great country, and a few of the members here on this site will have to load a few mags to keep them off your property.

And all this created by a hatred against a REAL man who has nothing but the best interest of Americans on his mind. His actions showed it every single day and we were so much better off than during the previous administration.

Lost acquaintances and had verbal fights with Trump haters in my family overseas and here, yet these people have been listening to nothing but propaganda against MY President.

Will never for the rest of my life say anything negative about President TRUMP, only praise the man and his actions !!!


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I had big hopes for this site, yet it does not seem to be gaining participants.

We'll see how it goes, I guess. I walked away from a similar spinoff aviation-related site when I realized that nearly the whole site was taken up by a half-dozen posters saying the same things over, and over, and over. Anyway, I hope it works out, because I'm done with THR, too. It's just not my cup of tea any more.