Welcome, THR folks!

You win the prize for naming the next protected class; No Tech Trannies! You get to pick the color of ribbon people who support them in their quest for equality and fairness wear. Have you written your Congress person to have a day set aside to honor them? Scheduled any marches for them? :):):)


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We can discuss politics? We can discuss politics!
Like all freedoms, it only exists until people start showing their ass and someone ruins it for everyone.
Discussion of politics is key but nobody wants a right wing echo chamber to listen to a bunch of old white guys vent. Note the forum structure and name of site should be a pretty good clue about why this place exists.
The big tech monopoly and its threat to all of our freedoms is worth discussing and there’s not really a good place on the internet to do that. At least not a high road like environment for adults. ...until now of course


My view on big tech as a Luddite, is I wonder why when something you dreamed up that makes you and your friends billionaires, why would you jeopardize the golden goose by pushing a particular viewpoint? If you do, you risk The Swamp getting in your business and they will somehow help you screw it up even worse.
Heck, If I owned a huge social platform on the 'net I'd just post huge capital letters at the top of each page saying: THIS IS THE INTERNET. THERE IS A LOT OF INTERESTING STUFF HERE. SOME OF IT MIGHT JUST BE BULLSHIT SO BEFORE YOU BELIEVE ANY OF IT, DO A LITTLE CHECKING FIRST.