Now sanctuary cities don't want to be sanctuary cities


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I feel vindicated.

Back when I was in a junior high school drafting class in Merlin, Oregon, I entered a competition to redesign the play area in Riverside Park in Grants Pass, Oregon.
My design was accepted, mostly because it could be built primarily from donated, durable, mostly re-purposed materials that encouraged kids to explore them - items like a Fordson tractor, a steam shovel, a 30-foot fishing boat, a giant tire swing, a maze made from massive timbers and other, similar materials.

Some of these are still in use.

Recently, Riverside Park was taken over by the homeless.
Tents, used needles, passed-out druggies everywhere.

The case of Grants Pass v/s Johnson went to the Supreme Court.

Grants Pass won - laws against camping on city streets, public areas or private lands could be enforced all over America.

The park that I worked so hard to redesign has been returned to the children... .
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