It Looks Like We Have a Cat.


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My sister was walking out to the front gate and heard a little "meep" coming from the wheel well of my old SUV.
She reached in and found a tiny Maine coon tom cat, about a month old.
It was friendly and totally fearless, even in the face of our Border Jack, "Mister Peanut, Dog of Adventure", who usually cannot tolerate cats.
This little guy has set up housekeeping on our front porch and is clearing the place of moths, spiders, lizards and almost anything else that moves.
He occasionally charms his way into the house and acts the clown, even winning over the dog (to a certain extent - Peanut is still a bit suspicious).
I suspect that we have this kitten because some college student just abandoned him, like they do to thousands of other pets each year when it is too much trouble to take them back home.
We named him Jizargo after a video game character and plan to have him fixed as soon as he is big enough. A dirty trick, I know.

Have you ever wound up with a pet this way?
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One time when I was cutting alfalfa, I saw a white splotch next to the fence. It turned out to be a dog that had been "dumped." You could see the poor creature's ribs and he was covered with ticks and mange. I called my dad on the radio and he had one of the men come and pick it up. I put the poor thing on an old quilt in the corner of an outbuilding and left food and water not really expecting him to survive the night.

The next morning Dad gave him a shot of Tylan (an antibiotic for hogs) and made me bathe him in vinegar and borax. That afternoon he had drank most of the water and tried to eat. Two weeks and 3 injections later he was eating and walking around. Long story short... We ended up with a mix of Great Dane/Pyrenees dog. A certain unnamed idiot (who shall remain my brother) trained him to work cattle but he has always been my dog. When my daughter was 8 a family friend that Frick didn't know walked up to her and tried to touch her hair. The dog simply got between them, he didn't bark, he didn't growl he just stood there facing the guy as if to say - you get to her through me and I'm meaner.


2 strays so far have become family members.
and we'd welcome more.

a maine coon is a gorgeous cat; I'd love to have one, but refuse to pay "breeders" when so many other animals are available.


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We have some barn cats that have Siamese markings but long haired. My daughter would love to get one in the house but they are just too wild.


we ever get that 200+ acres in WV that I want, we'll have *all* the barn cats. :D
probably will start a cat rescue/shelter at some point, just because.


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Just goes to show: the cat chooses you; you don't choose the cat. A Main Coon!! How lucky you are. What a precious gift!! I'm jealous ...


Several cats have owned me over the years thanks to town people thinking I wanted a cat. I have never been lucky enough for one of them to have been a Maine coon but I enjoyed every one of them even though they were just cats. I'm currently catless.

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Maaaan, cats are super cool, I've always had them. When I was in 6th grade we adopted a kitten from a local shelter that had been found in a parking lot, we named her Sophie (after the main character in Roald Dahl's book 'The BFG').

When I moved out Sophie came with me. She lived to be 24 years old until we had to say goodbye in 2016. A couple weeks later we went in to our vet to pick up her ashes and the office manager that we know pretty well said "you guys look like you need some kitten love, we have a bunch here from a rescue we work with." So my wife and I spent about 3 hours playing with a whole litter of kittens that were born under an elderly women's porch. There were two little gray boys that were just different from the rest and stood up for each other. Those two turned 5 years old this month and still have each other's back.

That's Waylon in the front and Willie behind him.


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I guess that I was wrong.
WE don't have a cat, my dog does.
It's hilarious to watch the two play together, the 40-pound dog and the two-pound cat.
It tries to emulate the dog, even to the point of wagging its tail like the dog.
It has already learned to respond to its name.
Ah, well.
Mister Peanut seems willing to share his cat with us - sometimes... .


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Well, Jizargo has been fixed, has healed and is back on the prowl.
He's a roof-top and crawl-space cat who has run off or killed all of the vermin in the area, thinned the slower birds and lizards and apparently picked off a couple of goldfish from the aquaponics units.
It's no surprise that he's up to five pounds now.
He still likes to play and cuddle with the dog, even though the dog is not really a cuddler.
He usually comes in during the heat of the day (it's around 100 degrees right now) to rest - and digest.
I'm glad that he adopted us... .


(WARNING: image heavy content...)

August 2nd...

Hello. What do we have here coming up on my deck?


Looks like another stray.



Or... is it?


Not any more.

His name is Muffin.
Someone dumped this 3 year old neutered male in the park across the street i think.
I better not find out who it was, or i'll be going all John Wick on their ass.
This cat is a total love muffin (hence the name. that and he's fluffy as hell.)


this is our 3rd stray we've adopted, and roughly the 6th/7th/10th to come around (does a stray giving birth while you're trying to catch her and get her TNR'd count as 1 or multiple?)


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My cats have always chosen me, or I them through their attention. This is my current pair of Tonkinese, the top is Kaylee, 10, a Platinum Mink, and the bottom is Quigley the Hellcat, 7, a Bluepoint.


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Jizargo is addicted to wildlife videos on YouTube and has started to emulate the big hunting cats.
He's bringing us a rat per day and a bird every week or so.
He's not interested in eating them, though... .


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Can your little hunter beat this, though:


Hee hee.

That was the only one he ever got, though. Word gets around amongst the squirrel community and you can only catch them off guard once.