The 2022 Election.


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So it's election day.
I voted two weeks ago.
Walked in, voted, walked out.
No trouble, no crowds.
One of my co-workers tried to vote this morning.
Crowds, only one machine working.
Took an hour and a half.

He was also concerned about the paper record of his vote and who might gain access to it.
That can be a problem here in unethically hard blue south Texas.
For example, one of the local school administrators has published on social media a list of which school employees have voted.
This is a bit of a concern in a town where many local politicians have worn bullet-proof vests in the recent past and an employee that has a rep as a conservative may suddenly be arbitrarily fired... .

Anyway, what was your experience?


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I also voted two weeks ago. In-person by early "absentee" ballot at my village clerk's office. One person ahead of me in the line. Took about five minutes to vote. Then spent 10 minutes conversing with one of the officials about people we both knew back in the day. Great way to vote. I'm all in favor of extended voting periods so long as it's by in-person voting where the person's identity as a valid voter can be verified by proper credentials and signature.


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-By the way, I used to work in Post Offices.
It's not hard to change the date on a post mark stamping machine... .