Thank you to our LEO's


I've been watching the TV show Chicago PD, and their episodes lately revolve around the theme of white police officers being racists who kill black men. (No, I won't continue to watch it.) This week's episode was over the top disgusting, with a white police officer flat out murdering a black male college student. At the end of the episode they tried to drive home the lie that whether they realize it or not, white police officers are racists and it's just a matter of time before more of them murder black men.

I'm not naive and understand that as in any group there are bad police officers, but the overwhelming majority of them are good, selfless men and women who have volunteered to place themselves between us and the criminals who would do us harm. Being a LEO has always been a difficult job, but is now even more difficult with them being under attack by the politicians, media and people on the left. I know that here and on THR there are current and former LEO's, and I just wanted to say thank you. We may not be as vocal as the detractors, but the majority of the country appreciates and supports you.


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There's certainly some racism there. To suggest that white police officers are [insert negative assertion here] would fit the definition of racism. Whatever happened to judging the individual by the content of their character and their deeds, rather than the color of their skin?

There are measures that can be taken to weed out the bad apples, but using a paint roller isn't one of them.
The left consider judging people by the content of their character and their deeds to be racist?

Are you trying to make a funny, or do you actually believe that?


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So what are you defining as the left here? Because certainly, some idiots are idiots. But saying the left believe that, is like me saying the right believe QAnon.

So who are you calling the left, in this instance? Put a percentage of the population on it, or use some other metric. Otherwise what you're saying is pointless and without merit.


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and then we have trash like her in Congress, just unbelievable, and unfortunately it shows what has happened after the azzhole obama declared war on our Law Enforcement Officers:

Just got a ticket a month ago, my car loaded with guns and ammo (shooting on local ranges on the weekend).

After receiving the ticket I thanked the officer for the difficult job he and his colleagues are having to do (staying in a hotel in Columbus, Ohio, another democratic shithole, some stores are still having plywood from the floyd riots, followed by the justified bryant shooting and today these liberal are supporting the terrorists from palestine in front of the capitol building, what a nasty city)
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