Southern Border Crisis


Now what?

"More than 9,500 migrants, many of them Haitians fleeing a country torn apart by a coup and an earthquake, have arrived at the US border and are living under a bridge near Texas. Thousands of additional migrants are expected to arrive at the border in the coming days."

And it's getting worse.

There are nearly 15,000 men, women, and children mostly from Haiti seeking refuge under a border bridge in Del Rio, Texas. The Department of Homeland Security has announced 400 Border Patrol agents are going there to help with processing. Deportation flights will resume within 72 hours.

Is it too little too late?

"A humanitarian crisis is unfolding at the US-Mexico border, with Texas' governor saying US Customs and Border Protection agents are overwhelmed by the chaos. More than 12,500 migrants are camped out at the border just outside Del Rio, Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill funding border security in the state, and is blasting the Biden administration for not closing six points of entry along the Texas-Mexico border that the governor tried to seal off."



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-Like the thousands of kids that were released to "parents or guardians" from the holding tents just down the road from here who completely disappeared... .


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It's up to 15,000 now per Fox, the border is closed at this point and they're starting to deport Haitians. Now, maybe if they'd apply that to the rest of the border, it might amount to something positive. So far though, just a drop in a bucket and a barn door closed with the livestock gone. I think probably just trying to paint over a bad photo op.

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Between that and the unvetted Afganies being flown all around the country we're fucked.

Hope you folks have food, supplies and gear stacked deep.

And hopefully don't live in a major city...


What do you mean politicians lie?

"A majority of Americans blame President Biden for the border crisis, a new poll shows, as the administration is caught lying about the makeshift refugee camp under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

About two-thirds of the 15,000 Haitians living in unsanitary conditions under the bridge have been moved out since Saturday, as local authorities try to regain control.

Just over 5,000 migrants remained yesterday afternoon.

But the tough talk from the administration that they would be deported back to Haiti under a special Trump-era pandemic health order has turned out to be hot air.

Most of the migrants have been secretly released into the community, according to whistleblowers and reporters on the ground, and the administration is determined to hide the truth."

Forbes Breaking News - Chip Roy Warns Biden: 'At Some Point The State Of Texas Is Going To Force A Constitutional Showdown' - "On the House floor in a nearly hour-long speech, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) excoriated President Biden and Democrats over the issue of continued border crossings into his state."

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