Should lenient judges be held accountable?


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The suspect in the Waukesha multiple homicide by vehicle is an individual with a lengthy rap sheet of violent crimes and currently out on a $500 bond for his latest when he committed his horrific deed. I'm wondering whether lenient liberal judges that go easy on these repeat violent offenders and let them back out on the street should be held accountable in some way when the person they went easy on commits their next violent crime?


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Well, they're lining up to let this deranged killer out on bail... again.
Hey, it's coming on Christmas - there is sure to be more parades of children soon... .


What about the prosecutor that recommends a low bail amount? The judge is just going along with what the prosecutor recommends. Face it, as long as judges, prosecutors, and SUCCESSFUL criminal defense attorneys live in virtually inaccessible gated communities, it ain't never gonna change. Until politicians and elected officials (and their kids) start to live in our world, you're just fooling yourself.