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It appears No Tech Tyranny may be headed for the scrap heap of Internet Forums!
I know, I know! I am as much to blame as anyone....
But, Hey! I haven't been on THR much, either!

Gotta throw my two bits in about the upcoming election: It ain't gonna mean" Do-Do Squat" <movie and character, please!> if we can't stop the cheat. The last two elections (2022, 2020) were marred by apparent vote fraud, voter fraud, etc. but the Powers-That-Be refused to do a proper investigation. There is nothing to stop another stolen election. Nothing. They've gotten away with it so far, and there is no reason for them to stop now. I even think that if Joe Biden was to win 99.9% of the vote (ala Saddam Hussein), very few Americans would blink an eye and the Republican Party would just shrug and say: "Oh, well. We'll beat them next time".

In case nobody can tell, I do not harbor much hope for the future of America.


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The 2016 Presidential (S)election was set up by large numbers of Democrats in the primaries that crossed over to vote for Trump because he would be easy for Hillary to beat.
2018 was the usual disaster for the incumbent's party, magnified by the RINO's contempt for the outsider in the White House and their efforts to block his every act.
2020 was truly a mass of corruption and confusion.
Ditto, 2022.
I've got a massive batch of popcorn that's ready to pop, waiting for this one... .