Is There Any Database Of Non Idiot Doctors?

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I have refused to wear a mask since literally a couple days into the scamdemic.

At this point any practice that will not see me without wearing a muzzle is someone I don't want to be seen by anyway. They are obvious idiots.

I figured there might be some database of sane PCP's nationwide that would provide those of us who are sane from having to call around.

I've searched but haven't come up with anything concrete.


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I had a refreshing experience a couple weeks ago when I went to a local orthopedic clinic as a new patient for degenerative arthritis in my left thumb. Getting out of the car, I stuck a mask in my back pocket, expecting to see the usual sign on the front door. When I got to the door I was pleasantly surprised to see a sign that said: Masks are now optional. And none of the clinicians, nurses or other staff was wearing one, either.

So, hopefully, they're coming around. I don't think it's so much the doctors that are the idiots but the people that run the clinic.