Government Stimulus Payments...


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Well, my "stimulus" money showed up in my checking account this morning.

Not sure what I'm going to spend it on, yet. I suppose I could use another computer - I only have five now - or something firearm related. Or...

What are the rest of you thinking of doing with yours?


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I'm going to rebarrel and scope a savage action I've had laying around for a while now. I'm sure as soon as I spend it I'll remember something I want even more, such is life.


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Save it. You might really need it in 7 months...

Edited to add: after further reflection, demand is down everywhere. This year might be the best year in memory for buying a car, for instance. Or a rifle. Or a fancy watch. The longer this goes on and the less people spend on non-essentials, the more retailers we will see selling luxury (or nonessential) goods for what they can get for them, not what they're "worth."

So save it, and look for great deals on what you really want. ;)
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Justin T.

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I will be using it to do some things around the house-add to my garage gym, finish replacing my privacy fence, etc. there will be a gun buy or two in there somewhere...


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A few odds and ends for the reloading room, maybe a new upper in 458so, 450bm or 350 legend to go with one of the lowers I have stashed in the back of the safe. I've been looking at building another computer using a ssd and more memory than my 12yo desktop that crashed this year.
I will be saving it. I could buy something that I want, but there's nothing I need. I could pay off some debt, but I could also pay it off later. However, if the household income changes for the worse sometime in the near future, I'll be glad I've got that extra money sitting around waiting.

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Ours showed up today deposited in the bank. We have an annual bug spray, done today, so half is spent already. Die you bugs. 😡


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I purchased a 25gal sprayer years ago and I spray my yard 3 times in the spring 21 days apart and then about every 6 weeks and is works so far, it takes 3 bottles to spray my oversized yard and twice around the house, I also use it for weed control, around the border of the woods I use the wand part and spray for weeds and vines.
Our check came in yesterday, I looked at Midway, Midsouth, Graf and sons and Brownells, reloading supplies and reloading accessories are mostly out of stock I guess I'll call Micro Center to see if they have computer parts in stock to rebuild my computer.

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I buy my sprays that I put out myself at the local CoOp. 2.5 gallons is considered agricultural not home use and a lot cheaper than home products. Most areas with farms have a local CoOp and the joining is pretty much free.
The spray I was referring to before is primarily inside of the buildings, shop, barn and house by our pest control contractor. In FL having pest control is just part of life.😐


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Sitting tight on it, for now. Gotta wait until our country gets back on its feet and things stabilize.