Good Riddance !!!


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well, he certainly lived longer than jimmy hoffa................

Pretty sure the majority of people I had to work with in ohio and rhode island and the providence plantations are missing him.

The project in rhode island and the providence plantations was 100 million dollar over budget (planned was 180 mil).

The project in ohio is right now in the check-up phase, initially it was planned to have the first production runs in the first week of July. The new estimate is now end of October/begin of November. No statement on the budget as of now.

Aren't funions great?



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as we say, don't bring a knife to a gunfight.
There will be no riots and looting by WLM !

This guy had a lot of time to think and it seems he committed suicide by cop, hope the [email protected] gets punished in hell for being such a coward.

You want to commit suicide?
Climb up a construction crane at night and jump.
Don't put this shit on our police

Still good riddance because of the tax dollars saved, AND all LEO's are going home to their families/


Consider the fact that we are all dying, each day moving closer to the fateful moment.

And depending on our life choices, we are committing "slow suicide"? 😉

And for some of us, death is not the end but a continuation.
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"Give me my freedom for as long as I be
All I ask of living is to have no chains on me
All I ask of living is to have no chains on me,
And all I ask of dying is to go naturally, only want to go naturally"
- - -
"And when I die and when I'm gone,
There'll be one child born in the world to carry on, to carry on"

-And I wish no ill on others - they'll do enough ill to themselves, anyway.