Fauchistas Have Egg on their Faces.


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It looks like I wasn't quite right.
It's starting to become apparent that COVID leaked from ANOTHER lab in Wuhan, a level 3 lab where they were actually concealing their "improvements" to the virus.
It's a pity that they didn't have the training and the equipment to maintain the necessary security over this "improved" virus... .


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Fauci looks more like a health-care Himmler every day... .
Why do you give me straight lines?



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Maybe it’s not the headline that bothers us
Maybe. But if so, dig in and tell us what you found. As it is, it looks like you read a headline that seemed to support your position, and then, heady with glee, rushed off to post without doing due diligence.

I know it wasn't you, but the Nazi comparison is a weak and lazy rhetorical move.