COVID... Again?

Nicky Santoro

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Dear Brandon,



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It must be coming on election time.
The usual suspects are trotting out 'Disease X', with a drum roll of panic-mongering... .

Meanwhile, word is coming from China that roughly a third of their remaining population have some form of 'White Lung', which weakens their resistance to all sorts of airborne diseases... .


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My library's executive secretary is out again with COVID.

That leaves three of us plus a part-timer to keep my library open eleven hours a day, six days a week (by new city council diktat).

Meanwhile, our city council has frozen our budget, with no hiring or overtime allowed - and one of our full-timers is a transfer from another department who is totally untrained at library work and can't be left alone.

I hope that everyone else stays healthy... .


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And yet again.
The head of the City's Development Commissions, who used to be the Mayor, has an office in my library.
He came in sick with some virus or other and passed it on to me.
Who knows.
Anyway, I've had a rough week... .