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    Climate Change Anyone?

    Yes there climate change, it's a cycle,it gets hot then cold and hot again. This has been proven many times, looking at the ice cores may help some understand. We are in a period of up swing at the moment.
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    I would report it, that very dangerous no matter what it is. I've lost two good friends from idiots stringing wire or fence across trails.
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    What's Cookin?

    Ya that's about what I do, I kinda eyeball it. Go light on your mix and do a test sample, add more then sample again.
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    What's Cookin?

    I just ask the butcher or guy at shop rite for some clean beef fat, it's normally free for very cheap. I do about 80/20 to 85/15 with ground venison. Most would be hard pressed to tell if it's beef or deer. I'd rather grind the hole deer anymore, even the back straps. I'll save some nice roast...
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    What's Cookin?

    I used to do the same thing with pigeon and bacon in the smoker. Wish we could hunt dove, there's a lot here but we're not allowed. Today I made the last of my ground venison with beef fat for tacos.
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    Who's Fishing?

    Me and my dad when I was a kid would go fishing every other day, my uncle has a nice 5 acre pond, nice panfish. We never brought any home, it's more fun that way. About 5 feet from the pond is a nice little creek they stock trout, we would keep a few now and then. Down the road a few miles was...
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    ANTIFA Comedy

    Need to hand out Darwin awards, the people would be stupid enough to exempt one.
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    What's Cookin?

    My dad gave me some of his pepper sauce today, about half a gallon. It's just all random peppers from the garden mostly hot one, it's blended up and he adds some vinegar.
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    What's Cookin?

    that's how it should be, my sister's kids are so picky they will only eat a few things, or they ask for something and when it's time to eat don't want it.
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    Who's Fishing?

    I haven't done any, may go to the shore Friday with a buddy, get some fluke and porgy Hurd there catching some trigger fish to.
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    Cmp daisy 853 target air rifle

    I posted on THR but thought you guys here would be interested to. Ordered it on this last Monday by phone, just after noon the nice lady helped me out since I don't have a printer. Gun came before 12:00 on Wednesday. Overall the daisy 853 is in great shape, needed some oil on the stock and...
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    Who's Fishing?

    normally I have corn, but out of it right now. I use it for Carp but don't think I've caught a catfish on any, I know they will eat it. The one lake I've caught a lot of bullhead on bass spinners and crappie grubs, but that's random.
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    Who's Fishing?

    I've been trying to get out to catch some bull heads, one of my normal spots has some nice sized ones maybe about 20" but can't get any night crawlers. Even don't see liver in the stores, but the liver seems to catch turtles better then bullhead lol. Or go down to the Delaware for some nice...
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    Worst President

    Obama, got out of school in 09 don't even have to explain what I stepped into.
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    Netflix Documentary: Coronavirus Explained

    I tried watching the Roswell show, could not get through 10 minutes. Try to watch longmire, when they got to the part where they found the dead gug, with all the wrong info about guns I turned it off. There's a difference between bias and bashing, I'm not spending my time watching it.