Cmp daisy 853 target air rifle

I posted on THR but thought you guys here would be interested to.

Ordered it on this last Monday by phone, just after noon the nice lady helped me out since I don't have a printer.

Gun came before 12:00 on Wednesday.

Overall the daisy 853 is in great shape, needed some oil on the stock and some on the felt but I'm very happy. You can't beat the price $119.95 to my door.

for anyone that does not know these are from cmp and they were used mostly by jrotc, for 3 position 10meter target cmp gets them and sells them. New there close to $300 but think they stopped making them. I'd like to get a few more when I get the money.

They are very accurate, a good one will make one hole at 10 meters all day of you do your part. I shot one when I was in jrotc and loved it.

I have not shot this one yet, I have pellets coming.