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I've got a special hate-on for Carter and Obama.
I used to work for a shipyard that had part of the contract for updating the Shah of Iran's army, Navy and Air Force.
Iran had already paid for this update when Carter arranged for the Shah to come to the U.S. for cancer treatment.
While the Shah was away, Carter made a deal with the Ayatollah Khomeini, who was hiding out in Paris.
It seems that Carter was embarrassed to be associated with the Shah, as he had SECRET POLICE!!
On the other hand, Carter felt that the Ayatollah was someone that he could work with - at least the Ayatollah hated Jews almost as much as Carter did, so he must be a good guy.

The rest is history.

Then Obama took the money that the Shah sent over to pay for the defense of Iran from revolutionaries and gave it to the revolutionaries.


Now that shipyard is a place where containers from China used to be unloaded until that business got regulated out of existence because it polluted too much... .

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No doubt in my mind not only is Hussain the worst president, he is the most despicable human that ever lived in the US, period.

Answer me this riddle, who stole 50% of your home’s value and where did it go and why? If you do not know the answer you have no idea whom is the worst president.

Every person in this country has had their pocket picked or rights destroyed by Hussein. Were he a Roman public official, they would bind him hand and foot, take him to a bridge, put a sack over his head, with a fox in that sack, and throw him into the water. He would richly deserve the punishment prescribed for corrupt officials.

Which is worse, lies of omission or lies of commission?


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I’m not entirely a single issue voter, but the 2nd is a pretty good proxy for all the other important amendments. That’s why I am always amazed when gun people trash Obama but give Trump a pass. While it’s true that Barry WANTED to take all your guns and accessories away, he didn‘t actually get any of them. Former Democrat Donald Trump managed to force the ATF to ”reinterpret” well understood and long established regulatory language to turn bump stocks into machine guns, and he did so with a Republican majority in the Senate.

As someone who grew up in Appalachia I have to vote for LBJ as the worst President of my lifetime to date. While generally poor and uneducated before the “War on Poverty” at least most people who weren’t already on FDR’s dole were doing work of some sort. LBJ made things exponentially worse and now my hometown has become such a horrible mess of drugs and entitlement payments that The Guardian newspaper featured it as “The Poorest White Town in America.” https://www.alternet.org/2015/11/americas-poorest-white-town-abandoned-coal-swallowed-drugs/

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Wilson - first major Socialist president, instituted the income tax - read The Creature From Jekyll Island about the creation of the Federal Reserve, aka Central Bank, then FDR and all of the Socialist programs like welfare, SSI, and expansion of a Central Government; the current bozos don't even come close.