What have you been reading?


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Anyone here immersed in a good book currently? Just finished one? I'm curious as to what other folks are/were reading and why?
I read to unwind before bed...to sort of zone out and clear my thoughts.

Currently reading a first edition (maybe only edition) of "Ernie Pyle in England",
a compilation of his newspaper contributions from late 1940/early 1941...the latter part of the Battle of Britain.
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I'm reading this right now for at least the third time. It's a pretty quick read and is truly excellent. Written by Frank Worsley, the captain of Sir Ernest Shackleton's expedition ship the Endurance during their failed 1914-1916 attempt to cross Antarctica. This led to what I consider to be the most outstanding self-rescue of all time, and not a man was lost.

Although I've spent my entire life in landlocked Colorado I've always been a fan of maritime books both fiction and non. Clive Cussler is my main man and I own nearly every book he ever wrote.


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I have a handful of novels I've read multiple times, all non-fiction. Books that can be enjoyed more than once have their own shelf here.

I've read a few Cussler books. His writing seems to play out like some of those action movies where you wish they'd have made a few more scenes cause you didn't want it to end.


Several John Ringo ebooks, including some not mentioned here: a trilogy written in Larry Corriea's Monster Hunter International world.

I enjoy Ringo and have read most of his stuff. I kind of burned out on the MH series although I may pick it up again in the future. I'm currently catching up on John Sanford, Lee Child and Stuart Woods. I an also re-reading an Alan Dean Foster trilogy that started in 1974.
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After bingeing on all five available seasons of The Expanse on Amazon Prime, I dove into the book series by Janes S.A. Corey (a nom de plume of a pair of co-authors). I've finished books 1 & 2, Leviathan Wakes and Calaban's War, and I'm now in #3, Abaddon's Gate. Good series, with grand, broad, multi-linked stories. Not surprising is the breadth of the tales, given that one of the co-authors is a special assistant to George R.R. Martin.

For nonfiction I just started Deep Rig by Peter Byrne. Scary and frightening and extremely important look at the security (or lack thereof) in the 2020 election.