We want!


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Take a few minutes and read this list of demands from the children in CHOP. If it weren't so sad it would be comical.

They claim the system is racist. But when you read their demands it's one of the most racist things you've ever read.

Under the subsection "health and human services" replace black with white. A thinking man would say that this is nothing more than a return to Jim Crow, only this time it's the blacks who want it.


As bad as it sucks Seattle brought this upon itself and I think it will be a case study for the rest of the country. I doubt it will last very long. Once you simultaneously get rid of the police and release the druggies and violent criminals you start to understand why the police exist. Such a shame.
Very interesting.

I think we should evacuate from Seattle anyone how doesn't want those things. And financially compensate them to a reasonable degree.

Then I think we should give Seattle to the people making the demands. Put a wall around the city to protect them from the police, and write "Freedom Palace" on the inside of the walls.

On the outside we can write "Seattle Prison", and add people via helicopter drop.

Of course, I'm joking. But I'm sure we could come up with the airfare for one-way tickets to Somalia.


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They DEMAND that the PEOPLE of Seattle seek out and support BLACK owned businesses. It's that basically a form of slavery?