trump goes 0 - 3 at the US Supreme Court today


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Some predictable outcomes:

In the Pennsylvania and Wisconsin cases the SCOTUS rebuttals were pretty straight clear - there was the possibility of a little of skullduggery by both sides, but nothing that would have changed any outcomes. The cases were rejected brusquely, prior to argumentation. So, the presidency of Biden stands.

HOWEVER, the third case may be the more interesting. The court found that Trump (under pressure from the NY State's Attorney)had no legal right to immunity, as he is no longer in the presidency. We may see some interesting disclosures, as he has to account for every penny and explain where it was sent. Soon we will know who received those monies, and they may some unsavory characters. Trump has expressed distaste for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, so he may get caught on various bribery charges. But there will invariably be some squalling, and that night be fun!