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So, the CDC and most of its 10,000+ employees are in Atlanta, GA.

Let's say that, as the members of the principal organization fighting COVID-19, they are on the whole well aware of the real value of the "vaccines" being increasingly mandated. One would assume that they'd influence their friends and neighbors, who would be disproportionately located in the general area.

We would thus expect that if the "vaccines" are all they're being sold as, that Georgia would show a high rate of vaccination. Not #1, perhaps, since there will be other factors at play, but it should be high up on the list.

Per the datafile here (pulled today): Georgia ranks #43 of the 50 states in percentage of the population that is fully vaccinated.

Maybe there are regional effects? Georgia ranks below three of the five neighboring states, and is only a hair ahead of Tennessee.

Maybe it is political? GA's electoral votes went to Biden. Of all the states where the electoral votes went to Biden, it is dead last.

Perhaps it is only a small real difference, even though the placement is low? Overall 55.9% of the US population is fully vaccinated (same source). GA is 45.7%. The range is 40.5% (WV) to 69.6% (VT).


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Nice hypothesis, but no, I doubt regionality of CDC personnel has anything to do with it. They're just a drop in the bucket compared with the general population. I used to travel a lot, back in the day, and I have noted southerners to be relatively more alert to bullshit than some other places, especially when it's a non-southern source (which qualifies the CDC), and I think maybe that's a factor.

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It has absolutely nothing to do with location or hell even party lines.

This whole thing is about seeing who is willing to SUBMIT. And I personally know folks on both "sides" that won't.

The propaganda machine is trying to present this as right wing extremists primarily that won't get the experiment but there are just as many folks stuck on the plantation that won't either.

They are doing a real world purge of anyone who doesn't walk their line.

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I used to handle a fair part of the CDC's mail that came from the rest of the Southern region, which had some hazards involved.
Frequent leaking biohazards mixed in with the public mail.
They didn't have it together then and I doubt that they are all that tightly wrapped now... .