The Great Contract


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I've been hearing a lot of noise from political types about how the Constitution and Bill of Rights are standing in the way of progress.
They seem to feel that these documents are out-moded relics created by old, dead white men and that the government should just toss them aside.

The federal government can do this at their own peril,

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights do not belong to the federal government.
These documents belong to the people and the individual states of our union.
They are the contract that allows the federal government to exist.
If they discard this contract then they lose all authority over the states and the people... .


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You're absolutely right. It's a contract between two parties. One of the parties cannot unilaterally nullify the contract. It cannot even unlilaterally change the terms of the contract. Any lawyer will testify to that. If the two parties to the contract both want to change the terms of the contract and they come to agreement on the changes they want then there's a process in the contract for how to do that. It's the only way. And furthermore, I'm pretty sure there's no severability clause in the current contract, either. So it's honor all the terms all the time for both parties of the contract.