Science definitively proves Covid originated in lab


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While it is strong evidence it is hardly proof. But then since Einstein there is no such thing as definite scientific proof. That said the odds of a non-degrading mutation are very slim and after that many nearly negligible however the odds are still not zero. As for the "enemy of China" thing... my first thought was "saving face" rather than something to hide. I do know that so-called "face" is an important consideration in the Philippines and I'm told has even greater importance in China and Japan. Do I believe the virus to be a man-made construct? Yes, very much so, while this doesn't prove the issue it reinforces that belief.


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Not so fast, we have a resident expert here with credentials far exceeding that of any source you might refer to. He'll tell you that himself and you don't even have to ask.
Perhaps we'll be blessed with some of his bullshit on this thread.
Ha, ha ... OK ... I guess I'll have to defer my adjective "conclusive" until we hear from you-know-who. :LOL: