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Jeff White

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Just THR anymore. I used to moderate on Lightfighter and Kevin Mcclung’s Tactical Forums and I was very active on TFL. After Rich shut TFL off back around 2002 I went to THR and never really got back to TFL when Rich started it up again.

So THR and now here.


McClung is a ponce, and a liar. He's the Frank Dux of knifemakers, only Dux is more believable.

There are various forums I visit. I often visit a forum for a while, then get burned out and don't go back...ARFcom, Sniper's Hide, etc, etc...
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Jeff White

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Was the real deal. Unfortunately we lost him a few years back. I trained with him many times and was honored to have him as a friend.
I’m on here (now), THR, an HVAC/refrigeration site, a couple different automotive forums, and that’s it. No Facebook, Twitter, et al.
I dropped Facebook when they realized that my name wasn't really theotherwaldo and wouldn't lit me sign in until I gave them my real name, address, phone number, political and sexual preference, income, and everything else that they can sell to China.

I dropped Twitter when I realized that the only person reading my tweets was my abusive, narcissistic boss.

Pretty much dropped all that junk.

I'm pretty much down to BitChute, YouTube, THR and this place.


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THR, Rimfire Central and PAFOA. I like to check in with the PAFOA for the Classifieds and keep up to date on PA's gun stuff. Bought some good firearms and met some cool people due to the Classifieds.