Nascar is dead


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FFS Slayer sponsors a car and everyone gets their panties in a bunch.

Nascar died when Dale Sr hit the wall and Petty retired, not to mention the COT, stages and cookie cutter 1.5 mile tracks. ( bring back Darlington)
It started with good old'boys running moonshine and evolved into a bunch of SJW sissies.


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Funny thing is in the past KISS, and a bunch of other groups have all sponsored cars.


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Moribund, I might grant, but not dead.
We are a long way from hood up pit stops of 2-3 minutes.
Stage racing is a kluudge, but better than the "points only" championship scoring we had not long ago.
Look at the 16 championship slots from this year compared to, say, 3 years ago. Only 3-4 at the bottom without a win to qualify on points. A few years ago it was only 4-5 at the top with wins (beacasue those few were the only ones winning).
I'm still going to watch Bristol tonight.