Mask Police


As I knew it would happen we are starting to see a lot of people who run around and want to tell others what to do finding out the hard way they should have learned to mind their own business. A lot of these I have seen so far are funny but, this is going to lead to some getting badly hurt.
Woman is this one is one example. She got away with it this time because the guy did not want to hit her. She is going to pull this stunt on the wrong person and wake up in an ICU bed wondering what happened.


Some folks just need to mind their own damn business
A LOT of the human race have a "thing" with wanting to be able to control others. Who knows why but it often comes out with things like this. You see it on the road a lot too. People who decide they were appointed to be official pace setters and try to keep anyone from going faster than they feel they should. I always warn those who seem to like doing any of this they are taking huge risks. Going through life "messing with people" is playing Russian Roulette. They may get away with it for a long damn time but, some day they run into someone they should not have decided to mess with. This mask thing is just a late example. A LOT of people now feel in power to try to appoint themselves some kind of official. A lot of them are finding out the hard way they should have just left others alone.:cautious:


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Hey Karen, go lose 60 lbs.


The story is told of a couple of performers who were on stage and one noticed a man in the audience putting away a large amount of chocolate candy.
"Look at him," whispered one of the singers to his partner, "eating all that candy during our performance. Doesn't he know how bad for him that is?"
His partner took notice, but said "That's too bad for him. But I wouldn't say anything to him, if I were you."
"Well, after our set is finished, I'm going to tell him a thing or two!"
Afterwards the younger singer confronted the man. "Sir, I noticed that all during our performance, you kept eating all those chocolates. Don't you know that's bad for you?"
The man responded, "My daddy lived to be over a hundred years old, and my grandpa lived to be ninety nine."
"From eating chocolate candy?" the singer asked incredulously.
"No," drawled the man, " From minding their own business."


Reminds me of a meme I went looking for but couldn't find but basically said something along the line of:

If you see someone without a mask, before you go harass them you should stop and drink a glass of milk.
Why drink a glass of milk you ask?
Well milk is good for your teeth and bones.
You know what else is good for your teeth and bones?
Minding your own goddamn business.


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I've gone maskless at a number of retail businesses, walked right past store management personnel, and not once been asked to put on a mask. The only place I was asked to put on a mask or leave was at my primary bank, and when I was the only customer in the lobby, and distant from any bank employees, a request that I complied with, but then when I asked the banker who had come over to me to make the request to please distance himself six feet away from me, he responsed, "well, that's not really necessary." So, I guess he can pick and choose which rules he's going to enforce?


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I was in a convenience store/gas station today. As I was standing in line for the register a lady came in quietly ranting about something. Then, as she stepped into line behind me, she raised her voice to tell the clerks they were making her late for church.

The mumbled ranting continued behind me. Then she raised her voice to them again, and got a reply that it was her fault she was delayed. Evidently, she'd come in without a mask to put some cash down on a gas pump, and was told she needed a mask. Going out to her vehicle apparently caused her a significant delay.

I offered her my spot in line, which she politely refused. However that was all it took for her to begin ranting towards me; about fear, and how the virus wasn't a big deal, but no one understood because they didn't know jesus, etc etc. I listened and placated her. Eventually she came back around to how they were making her late for church, at which point I told her I thought jesus would forgive her. More ranting about how they made it into such a big deal.

At that point I looked at her and said "It seems like you're the one making it a big deal." And then paid for my stuff and left. All that anger and frustration for lack of putting on a face covering.
How many here have given series serious thought about how to handle/defuse such confrontations, whether involving yourself or as a bystander?

The correct answer is not going to be a simple as a one-response/act-fits-all.


How many here have given series serious thought about how to handle/defuse such confrontations, whether involving yourself or as a bystander?
As a bystander its pretty clear, turn around and walk away. Other people's shit isn't your business. And when it comes to running into some obnoxious Karen, the best response is to pretend they aren't there, turn around and walk away.