makes my blood boil..........


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Ah, just in case you are curious I did.
Posts 2, 3 ,8, 9, 10 11 and 17 and others address the issue.
Do you mean agree with you by addressed?
Sounds like it, you addressed the issue and since you are right nothing else to be said correct?
I disagree but I haven't been sent to your camp yet.

If you have specific refutations, please enumerate them.


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No he isn't. He said the only reparations he would support is a one-way ticket to Liberia. Then YOU started bitching and moaning and suggested he leave his own country for not being on board with your ideology.

No one cares if you want to give your own money away to black people, brown people, white people, or whatever color people you choose, for whatever reason you choose. Funny thing, not once have I seen one of you reparations apologists lead by example and give your own money and/or property away for reparations. Instead, its all about giving away other people's money. I guess cause you what's know best for all of us, right? :rolleyes:

He is suggesting that Americans leave the country. I am suggesting that he should feel free to do the same if he doesn't like the way things are headed here.


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Liberals are always liberal with OTHER people's rights, money and property... .

Um, that is always the case, liberal or conservative. Reagan and Bush 1 built up a huge deficit by overspending on the military. Not my choice, and I voted against them. Bush 2 spend 2 trillion on a war I opposed. So which party has overspent more, using other people's money?

And, as I believe I have clearly demonstrated before, Democrats are far more fiscally responsible than Republicans. You have seen the deficit chart I posted earlier. Simple math, that one - the deficit rises under Republicans and falls under Democrats. Republicans apparently just resent it more.


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If you have specific refutations, please enumerate them.

I would but since there is no one to decide who wins the debate, it is in essence is a pointless argument that serves no logical purpose.
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-And enslaved by using them for free labor, even after their prison terms were served.
just wait until the chicoms are woke and figure out that retards like lebron and his bowelmovement ilk (who are wearing and sponsoring expensive nike sh!t shoes) are responsible for enslaving chinese children in factories and start asking for reparations.................