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This is going to be kind of a rant with some specific points.

1. If Black Lives Matter why aren't they in Chicago and Baltimore?
2. If Black Lives Matter why do they support the organization that Margaret Sanger founded?
3. Where does the Black Lives Matter movement go between events?
4. Why does the black community continue to support the Liberal/Progressive movement who's past include slavery and the KKK?
5. Why can't the black community see the implied racism of the Left?

I've only been on this earth for 59 years. I grew up in a majority white community, SW Idaho. I really didn't have any interactions with blacks till my final year and a half of high school and then in the Marines.

So maybe my formative years caused my lack of understanding.

What I'm seeing is the BLM followers continue to do is bring up the false narratives of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. If you listen to the BLM movement and their minions in the media you would be lead to believe that Trayvon was just out for a walk when Zimmerman gunned him down in cold blood and Michael was just crossing the street when Darren Wilson shot him in cold blood.

Meanwhile in Chicago in 2019 415 blacks were gunned down in the streets....almost all of them by other blacks. It leads one to wonder if the only Black Lives that Matter are those that can be used to advance the Leftist/Progressive movement.

The organization founded by Margaret Sanger continues to snuff out the lives of millions of black babies a year continuing her desire to exterminate the negro race. Many of this organizations facilities are located in black neighborhoods. Blacks overwhelming support the political party that glorifies the work of this organization.

This excerpt from a letter by Margaret Sanger continues to resonate with me.

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.

I think of The Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They have grown rich as poverty pimps while the Federal Government has spent TRILLIONS of dollars on the "war on poverty", yet we still have poverty. One thing ignored is that the greatest gains in getting black families out of poverty have happened during Republican administrations. In fact during the Trump administration it's at an all time low. Yet blacks continue to support the Liberal/Progressive movement en masse.

Right now we're in the largest revisionist history movement of this nation. We're supposed to remove anything that has the faintest taint of slavery, yet the party of slavery continues to receive the support of the descendants of former slaves. What is it they are trying so hard to hide? The Truth?

Even Lincoln said if he could preserve the Union without freeing a single slave he would do so. This indicates to me that the War of Northern Aggression wasn't about slavery.

We have the Progressive/Liberals with their racism of low expectations. It's drilled into the heads of poor black children that they aren't expected to succeed because they are poor and black. Government spends obscene amounts of money on the education of these poor black children while failing them. The system is built for failure. Hell, the current Government run education indoctrination system fails students of all kinds. The average high school graduate is barely reading at a 7th grade level. The system sets up minority students for failure. They tell them they MUST to go college to get a good job. But they then lower the standards for minority students to get into college. These minority students go to college with an 5th grade reading level. Then when they fail college they are told it's because the system is racist. The very system that the Progressive/Liberals have created. Meanwhile black culture is placing a very low priority on education.

What I think this country needs is a complete and total change in how poverty is address.

1. A lifetime cap on the time an able bodied person can receive welfare/food stamps.
2. When a woman applies for assistance it is made clear that if she has additional children while receiving assistance that there will be no additional assistance given.
3. A requirement that able bodied persons receiving assistance MUST be actively be seeking additional education/job training AND seeking employment or doing a minimum number of hours of volunteer work per week.
4. If receiving housing assistance no additional persons are allowed to live in the housing. Only those persons listed on the application are allowed.
5. If any member of a household receiving assistance is convicted of a felony crime then all assistance ends.
6. Mandatory random drug testing for all persons receiving assistance. Failure of a drug test terminates assistance. Those receiving assistance must be available to work. Since most employers won't hire a person who fails a drug test those receiving assistance must not use drugs.
7. Quit pandering to the lowest common denominator in education. No more educating babysitting children who are so profoundly disabled they require constant medical care and it's obvious will never contribute to society. --- at one time in Oregon there was a coastal school district that was forced to spend over $300k a year transporting just one profoundly disabled student. This exceeded the transportation budget for the rest of the students in the district. The school district also had to provide a registered nurse and two aides just to tend to the medical needs of this "student" while they were in school. This student wasn't receiving an education, it was babysitting, plain and simple.
8. Change the idea that the children of those here illegally receive a free education. NO education, no assistance for those here illegally or their children.
9. Require valid Government issued ID to vote, receive Government benefits/assistance, get a job, open a bank account, send money out of the country, and obtaining housing.
10. Institute a 33% tax on money sent out of the country by individuals.
11. School is for education. It's not a restaurant that serves free meals. Poor households receive assistance including food stamps. If you can't feed 'em don't breed 'em. It used to be that if you didn't feed your kids it was child abuse. Now we give them welfare, food stamps and 2-3 free meals every day.
12. Valid ID required to vote. When you vote you dip your finger in the ink. Polls will be open for four days. Friday through Monday. Polls will be manned and operated by out of state National Guard members. Voting by mail to be restricted to those physically unable to make it to the polls. Only this can insure fair elections.
13. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Our system was set up so that the House represented the people and the Senate represented the states.
14. Federal term limits. 12 years total. If someone wants to run for a different elected office they must first resign their current office.
15. Expand the Senate to three members per State.
16. Expand the House. Recent events have shown that there's no reason for members of the House to do their work in D.C. They can have an office in their district and do their business over the net, including voting. One House member for X number of citizens, equal representation for all. I don't care if this means the house is expanded to over a thousand members. In fact I hope it does. That makes George Soros's job much harder. It also makes them listen to their constitutes since they can't escape to D.C.
17. End Gerrymandering, Require that all districts have at least to straight parallel sides. The other sides must be either straight lines or follow geographic features. No more ink blot districts constructed for racism or political reasons.
18. Members of Congress are subject to ALL laws of the land. No exemptions.
19. No statehood for D.C.
20. End birthright citizenship. If at least one parent is not a legal Citizen of the United States then the child is not a citizen.

That's enough for today.