I refuse to wear a mask


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The "evidence" from "the experts" is being spun in what appears to be a nefarious purpose.
Nefarious purpose?

Explain that, and then prove it. Because nothing of what you wrote past that sentence matters until you can elaborate on that and give you explanation some substance.

You can blah blah blah about counter evidence etc etc etc (and I notice no one is providing this "preponderance of evidence") but whilst you accuse the experts at the CDC (and wherever else) of acting shady or misleading us, there has to be a reason for them to do so. And I've yet to hear one that makes sense.
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I was a pilot in my professional career and if I was wrong as often as these medical "authorities" I'd be dead now. Thanks but no thanks ... I'll trust my own judgment. It's served me well so far.

This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of science. Science is premised on the idea that being 'wrong' to some degree still advances the ball down the field, because possible the range of correct answers has been narrowed. And being 'wrong' may only be a question of scale (as in Newtonian mechanics vs. general relativity). Or wrong in a minor degree, which is corrected by subsequent scientists.

Yet, science has given us the modern world - in medicine, transportation, communication, etc. You are a pilot, and your flight technology is the result of a hundred years of scientific advances in aeronautics, navigation, etc. Many people died on the way to where you are. But without all that collaborative effort, you would be flying a cloth-covered pusher.

When there is a major consensus in science, it is usually correct. In the case of the coronavirus, that consensus exists. Simply because you have seen some scientists wrong in the past really means nothing - that is part of the process. That no way means that the scientific consensus in a well-understood field like infectious disease is incorrect. Nowadays, that is a mature field, and the chance of the consensus being wrong is extremely low. The last time a major biological theory was overturned is approaching 75 years. The last major scientific revision I can think of is plate tectonics, depending on your thoughts on string theory.

Not wearing a mask is a selfish rejection of a well-understood biological model of disease transmission that could have grave implications for people you happen to meet. Not because you should worry about yourself, if you are healthy, but you never know the health of the person you might breathe on. If you happen to have the virus, and you make someone sick because you don't wear a mask (because you think you are smarter than the top infectious disease specialists in the world), then you bear the moral burden of that person's illness.
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I hope the Patriots who are getting joe and the hoe out of the White House and then hang them for treason are wearing masks......only to make sure our precious hair sniffer and the sucking mattress are not getting the wuhan-virus.

These two (and theirs puppet masters) are committing treason and other crimes against America each single day with some obscure unconstitutional executive orders and other anti-American acts and have done already so much damage in such a short time that I am wondering when the balloon finally pops and we are getting LAW and ORDER back on our streets and borders. The really sad thing is that when biden is facing his final moments, he doesn't even know what's going on.

and he still hasn't cured cancer as promised!


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If a mask worked you couldn't smell a fart
Had this discussion 2 weeks ago at a job site in Ohio, one of the safety retards tried to explain to our group that she is twice as safe because she wears two masks. However, she had no good explanation why the ten porta-potties didn't have a single portable hand wash station for the more than 300 people working on site. Her ""solution"": they can go into the office trailers (far away), but please hold onto the hand rails on the ramps leading to the doors, preferable with some shit and syphilis's on your fingers.
I tell them to their faces that they are sabotaging our projects and making sure American companies cannot compete with the world because of some of their stupid rules.
I always wear my mask!!!



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I don't think that the CCP released COVID on purpose - they weren't through "improving" it yet.
No, I think that it was released through pure incompetence.
It was the cover-up that followed that was grounds for war... .


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Governor's emergency mask mandate here struck down by state Supreme Court (again) and it seems this time he got the message, because he didn't try to renew it (again). Most people still wearing masks, but I see more and more without. Normal times long overdue!! Sure, Covid still around but no longer a pandemic or an emergency situation. We can now deal with it as an endemic virus. Like seasonal influenza.


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My governor is in the process of dropping mandated mask wearing.
My city hasn't for its employees.
I'll follow the mandate when I'm on the clock or when a business politely asks me to wear one... .
Joe and the Doctor, inside the Carter home

Joe and the Doctor, leaving the Carter home.

Maybe the vaccine is only effective indoors?
I'm sure Joe and the Doctor are just following the science.