I refuse to wear a mask


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I hate to be rude, but from your posts it is quite obvious that you are a useful idiot and a sheep.
Now post more charts and graphs from "scientists" who owe their careers to the climate hysteria industry.

Like I said, feel free to refute. Or, if you can't, just fling insults, if it makes you feel better.


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So here I sit in the burbs of Cleveland, Ohio. It's been sub freezing the last two weeks and may even get above freezing today.

Mask? Like many states our omnipotent governor has his mask mandate in place. Would you believe I actually know a few people who at the onset of this COVID thing locked themselves in their houses and are literally afraid to venture out in public. Personally I haven't let it bother me but hell at 71 I figure sooner or later I am going to die anyway and it's been a hell of a good run. About the only place I go is the supermarket weekly and like most places you need a mask to enter. Last trip I forgot the damn mask in my truck and was better than half way through the place before I realized I was mask less. Nobody said anything to me but I just walked over to customer service and they gave me a mask. No big deal. The only reason I bother with a mask is when in public places it seems to give those around me a warm fuzzy feeling if I wear one. Really not an inconvenience to me.

How sad is this mask thing? When the governor mandated mask the Cleveland, Ohio (and a few other cities) were overcome with 911 calls. Cleveland 911 sucks to begin with but literally overloaded with calls where people were reporting other people for not wearing a mask. How stupid is that? People needing 911 with real emergencies could not get through. The 911 center told them to call the public health department.

Finally the bars, and restaurants, those who survived, are permitted to reopen and actually have normal hours. The 10 PM curfew is gone. Oh joy.

When the Hong Kong Flu pandemic hit during 68-69 it killed 100,000 plus and like COVID mostly the weak and those with pre existing conditions. That number would have been much higher if every certificate of death were not hot stamped COVID. Then how about NYC, I was NYC born and raised and you have to love the place.

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City, the hardest hit U.S. city in the coronavirus pandemic, revised its official COVID-19 death toll sharply higher to more than 10,000 on Tuesday, to include victims presumed to have perished from the lung disease but never tested. The new cumulative figure for “confirmed and probable COVID-19 deaths” released by the New York City Health Department marked a staggering increase of over 3,700 deaths formally attributed to the highly contagious illness since March 11.

That was in the beginning. NYC has a population of about 8.5 million and believe me people die every day. Now it seems nobody dies of anything other than COVID.

Anyway yes, I wear a mask when out in public like the super market. Why? Simply so I don't have to listen to people whine about me not wearing one and really it's not an inconvenience. Oh yeah, my wife and I started getting mailers from the Ohio Department of Public Health about once a month and each contains 5 mask. Go figure huh?



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I think the mask is in danger of becoming a fashionable facial codpiece, having nothing at all to do with medical necessity.
Its quickly becoming a tribal identifier ... which in normal times isn't all that big a deal, but since we're on the precipice of total socio/cultural breakdown that becomes dangerous. Right now Karens will yell at you for not wearing one, someday they'll just start shooting.