George Floyd Thing

Ed Ames

No, a whole bunch of middle class CHILDREN who have for the most part NEVER worked a day in their life. That and mentally ill people who believe the shit that BLM is shoveling.
Again, finding ways to dismiss anyone who disagrees with you. This is an example of the sort of thinking that leads to problems.

The world is full of people that disagree with you. They aren’t all children, or criminals, or of a race you despise.


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If you can't afford a speeding ticket then don't speed. The "poor" in America have iPhones, car leases, air conditioning, hair extensions, and $100 nail jobs, not to mention covering their bodies with tattoos. Where does all that money come from? If you're poor and on assistance and can afford tattoos then you should be kicked off that assistance because it's obvious that you aren't really poor, you just make bad life choices.

If you're a single woman, on assistance, and have more children then it VERY obvious you make poor life choices. However the system is set up to reward these continuing poor life choices. If you can afford the Devil's Lettuce then why the hell can't you afford to feed your kids?
You are correct. People make horrible life choices. But in a system geared to push a way of life full of fatherless homes, and subsistence doled out to you, while being fed a narrative that it’s owed to you, and that you are at a disadvantage because of an incorrectly taught history....
you raise people that way, and “reality” is lost to you.
raise a people to be poor, uneducated and taught that you cannot win; and you end up with an angry, bitter underclass that in no way appreciates our country, and clamors for the guilty “haves” to have less, and for them to have more.
I truly believe that this is the fruit of LBJ, and people like him.


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And while I have talked race, history, politics and religion with individuals who are openly socialist and/or anarchist... black and white; it’s a long and difficult argument with headway made only grudgingly.
Except one; this black fellow who really did live a “thug life “; we had an amazing talk for a couple hours. His brother kept thinking we would end up fighting, but we never did.
he helped me understand some things, and I him. As they were leaving, we hugged and he said It was the most raw and real conversation he’d ever had. It was awesome!

but; mobs don’t work that way. They do not converse or rationalize.