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This forum exists, in part, to help people find the truth in our complex world. To support this goal we encourage users to post, analyze, and discuss information here so we can share and analyze primary sources as a group effort, and can share what we find with others. If you run across newsworthy data that you wish to discuss here and there is any concern that it will become unavailable in the future, please upload a copy here as well so we can archive it.

We have a variety of categories for posts here. Please mark your posts appropriately. Currently, information is in the following categories:
  • Primary Sources - Unedited. These are the original documents or videos posted as-is, unedited, without commentary that tries to draw any analysis. Please post related files to one thread for reference.
  • Discussion. This is for discussing the content in a primary source thread. Speculation, questions, potential narratives, etc go in these threads.
  • Summaries. These are for threads where we can reasonably state the facts of a case, using the primary sources listed above. These will be living documents - in recent history the George Floyd and Brianna Taylor cases had one narrative until facts later came out at trial. Please try and keep all narratives intact, so a future viewer can see the evolution of the narrative and see where and why we eventually reached the conclusion drawn at the top of the document. The top of the documents should be the most complete, and most recent summary of events, linking back to the Primary Sources thread as required (or bringing those images inline.)
What we are doing requires uploading media. As much as possible, please keep related files in the same Media folder. If videos exceed 100 megabytes in size please reach out to @thegunguy and work out another way to upload. We don't have a size limit on this server, but our content network does.

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Suggestion: remove the 30 second delay between the ability to post, especially memes.................


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