Fauchistas Have Egg on their Faces.


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Ha ha! Awesome. I literally just stumbled across that email while going through the PDF, and threw it out there to see how people would respond. I have no comment on the Trilateral Commission, other than that they are a well-known boogeyman for the right. I didn't even know they still existed. And here they are, emailing Fauci out of the blue. Sometimes life is too funny.
You are no more than a condescending jerk with no clue.


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This is just stupid.

My point is that he should wait until the scientists do their work, because he is not in a position to answer the important questions. Be he is very much a 'gotcha' politician, so he is trying to build right-with outrage and hysteria before the results are in. He is the most cynical type of politician.
My point is that he should wait until the scientists do their work
Scientists like Dr. Anderson who said of the virus "Some of the features look engineered"?

Your only point is that the leftist agenda should not be questioned.

Does anyone else wonder what was redacted from the notes of Fauci's meeting? I bet it wasn't innocent chit chat.


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All that the scientists have done over the last year and a half is either dither or contradict themselves and each other.
What do you expect from people whose livelihoods are dependent on the good will of their corporate, political and scholastic masters... .


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All that the scientists have done over the last year and a half is either dither or contradict themselves and each other.
This is how science works. They shouldn't all be in agreement about every little thing. Science progresses through disagreement. People just can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that scientists study, debate, disagree, then slowly come to consensus. If you take a snapshot during that process (as Jordan is trying to do), you will inevitably misunderstand what is going on because there will be multiple perspectives, and tentative hypotheses offered. It is not like religion - being wrong, at least temporarily, is part of the process.

But, importantly, having someone like Jim Jordan try to dissect the whole thing (from a position of ignorance) means the ideas can't flow freely, and people have to hold back, lest someone, for a political 'gotcha', second-guess or intentionally misinterpret a tentative hypothesis from the middle of an email chain. Jordan doesn't actually care what was going on - he is just looking for a way to stick it to Fauci.

Not surprisingly, he has gotten little traction - Fox news is moving on because there is nothing there. When was the last time Tucker Carlson got red in the face over Fauci's emails?


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Not surprised you think that, I am surprised you admit it.
Should it be the government that determines who is can express an opinion on any given issue?

No one has any particular authority in science, except as has been earned over years of doing actual science. And top scientist are regularly found to be wrong. That is part of the beauty of science. I know grad students who have proven wrong some of the top scientists in the field.

That doesn't mean that any random internet fist-shaker has any say - you have to get out there and prove yourself in the competitive intellectual environment.
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Of course, the opinion must further the dialectic to be acceptable. You need to brush up on Marx & Engels.

You might not know the actual meaning of those words. Science is dialectical, because the constant testing and refining or rejecting of hypotheses is how it moves knowledge forward. Only in religion, where dogma is established, is dialectical advancement of knowledge not the standard way for progression of information.

BTW - dialectical just means a discussion of ideas that are in some way different. It is not some magical 'Marxist' thing. The word predates Marx by about 300 years.

Or are you accusing science, as a field, of being Marxist? If so, get right out there and defend that position!