Facebook - No Tech Tyranny


"No Tech Tyranny" is so applicable ... I wonder what else these tech companies have been doing and planned to do ...

Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg now face a new scandal after newly leaked internal documents show the company has been giving special treatment to millions of powerful users. According to reporting from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s “XCheck” program shielded VIP users, including Donald Trump before he was suspended from the platform, from the company’s typical enforcement process. This revelation comes after the company claimed to be “the most transparent platform online.”



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I haven't found Facebook to be useful for anything since they banned posting firearms for sale or trade. I've had zero doubt they'd treat the first amendment with any more respect than they've shown the 2nd, at least when it comes to the average peon.

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Why anyone uses FB is beyond me. They are in cohorts with the government just as many internet entities are.

The manners in which to maneuver around the internet and where to safely go is becoming smaller by the day, regardless of what protections are used.


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My sister got kicked off of F-book because they decided that her screen name, Gayla Overlord, wasn't her real name.
They weren't going to let her back on their platform until she sent them a copy of her photo I.D.
I guess that they're still waiting... .


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I always thought of you as more of a MySpace guy...
Actually, the only "social media" platform I've ever been on is that goofy "Nextdoor" neighborhood platform, and that only recently. I have, however been on message boards and forums since the early 1980's. At $3 per hour acoustic modem connecting at 300 bps no less. I prefer forums, anyway. 99% of social media is just people babbling nonsense to get a self-affirming feeling that they have been heard.