Derek Chauvin Trial Brings Twisted Truth and Great Harm


Not preposterous at all, but FACT. Minutes? It DID kill him in minutes. He ate it so cops wouldn't find it as he was being arrested.

Obviously this is a preposterous statement. Fentanyl takes effect in minutes. If he had 3x a fatal dose, he would hardly be walking into a convenience store.
A dosage that would kill a human being may or may not faze an addict.


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You obviously haven't watched the footage.
Ol' George was saying, "I can't breathe" before the cops laid a hand on him.
Should have called it suicide... .
george was an useless druggie with absolutely no redeeming qualities or positive contributions to society, the Law Enforcement Officer was thrown under the bus by his own chief. Derek Chauvin did everything by the book according to the training manuals, his choke hold had been used hundreds of times before by the same police department.
scumbag george would have died anyway due to the high dose of drugs in his system, so his death was more merciful than it would have been otherwise.

Good riddance, hope Mr. Chauvin will be cleared.
A portion of the 13 percenters are only looking for another reason to riot and loot because the think we owe them something.


I agree. The knee on the neck killed him.

Perhaps, I'm not privy to the autopsy report so I can't say. I have the feeling you don't have it available either so you are leaping on a premise and sprawling to a conclusion. I do know from my experience as a ER nurse in three major cities that an overdose of fentanyl can cause breathing episodes. I also know that an LEO is going to restrain someone he is arresting for as long as that person resists. Since- once again- neither of us have the full story it's best to allow the jury to decide rather than to pass judgment on the strength of media report that may or may not be truthful.
On Monday we see Defense Expert Witnesses.

This will be fun.

If a perp dies of a heart attack being subdued by a cop with a you put the cop in jail?

The BLM people say least if the perp is black.


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here is another perp, still haven't seen anyone rioting or looting in SC.
One thing is certain, they won't find a lot of difference between cauliflower and this pea brain, unless they are looking for nothing:


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I agree. The knee on the neck killed him.
I don't believe the knee on his neck killed him. I believe the weight on his ribcage is what killed him.

I've experienced a knee on the back of my neck more than a few times, and it has never affected my breathing (though occasionally I'd have to see a chiropractor afterwards). The weight of a man kneeling on my chest however, always made breathing much harder. And that was usually only for 30 seconds or less at a time.


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Thanks for the update, as a non-medical person I gather the best possible outcome would have been if the useless piece of shit would have croaked an hour before the arrest and therefore lifted the burden on a good Law Enforcement Officer plus saved a city from needless destruction. Here is the rap-sheet from scumbag floyd:

As usual, the facts are coming out long time after rioting and looting, and it ONLY happens when a black scumbag gets popped.
Never heard of a single incident like that when a white criminal gets killed.
We do not steal and destroy as the ones from another continent, yet are being always accused of racism and having White privilege.
What a shame. And the good and intelligent Blacks ( Candice Owen, Herschel Walker, Larry Elder etc.) are heard only by Conservatives.