California Gun Control fails again


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California proves again that It's, "Progressive Gun Control" accomplishes nothing but create victims. This weeks mass shooting at the San Jose VTA was brought to us, courtesy of a f--king mental case and the following California Gun Control Laws:

Universal Background Checks
Background Checks for Ammunition Purchase
High Capacity Magazine Ban
May Issue CCW
No Public Carry
Assault Weapon Ban
Ghost Gun Ban
Gun Show Loophole Ban
One Pistol Purchase Per Month
10 Day Waiting Period
Enhanced Red Flag Laws

Gun Control =Power Control=The Creation of Victims


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A hopeful sign, but expect California to appeal to the 9th, where it will be overturned. And then ignored by the Supreme Court. There will have to be multiple state AWB cases before they take it up. Unfortunately. But that is normally how they work.


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I think the pro-gun bills working their way through various state legislatures are more significantly hopeful than this one court decision, which as noted above, will likely make its way to SCOTUS and then as likely get denied cert.