Brag about your... LAWNMOWER?!


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Hey all,
Not much activity on here lately, thought I'd fire up a thread for us dad types who are slaves to cutting grass. What do you got?

Ok, the real reason was to show you guys my new mower, showed up yesterday and its a beauty.

It's replacing my still strong 23 year old deere that's just been needing frequent small repairs.

Yeah, she's old. I've put that one through hell and back and hasn't missed a beat. But I have tore it up a few times. Last year I ran it full speed down into my fire pit with the blades running because the leaves were so deep I didn't see it. That took a little work.
I got a bagger for my new one but won't install it until fall.
Let's see what you got!


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My #3 son just found,and bought the below model MF. It's an '03? or something like that. Had less than 200 hrs on it. The tires are what I'd call "intermediate"..... they will tear up a yard if not careful,or mowing too soon after rain but not nearly as bad as I'd sorta led him to believe.

It's a nice rig. He also got a 5' bush hog for it. The finish mower deck is also 5'.

Stole off the web;

My riding mower is down for repairs.
I couldn't use it right now, anyway. I've got standing water on my front yard and raw sewage in the back.
Hurricane Hanna paid a visit.


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What's a "lawn"?
A lush and perfect Wabe of Green, specifically about a dwelling, in which books are read, Bocce balls are thrown and naps are taken. The perfect place to drive a golf cart. It is mown every other day or so, alternating directions, with a John Deere rider whilst enjoying the freshness of the cut, clean air and a beer, or coffee. It is often used to provoke envy from neighbors unwilling to put forth the meager efforts it takes to keep theirs alive.

It is the foundation that anchors the curb appeal of the home.

I love mowing the lawn!