Am I The Only One?

Good Ol' Boy

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Aside from here, THR, TFL and a couple car related forums I'm not a part of any "social media". I'm not on FB or Twitter or any other platforms that are out there.

I hear about what goes on there second hand from my wife, who is into all of that.

Anyone else out there that DOESN'T do mainstream social media?


I only use THR & this forum.
I used Facebook for a while to keep up with family & friends that don't live locally. I stopped when my ultra liberal mother was posting anti 2a & anti conservative bs and when I posted links in the comments 100% discrediting her nonsense. It turned into a massive fued with her , my aunt and one cousin ganging up on me and basically calling me something akin to Hitler or something. I decided it's just too weird and moronic for me and haven't been back.

George P

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I am on several gun forums but not on FB, Twitter or anything else - besides, I'd get banned or deleted on those sites. I am missing a lot of pics of my 5 year old granddaughter that way...............oh well, our privacy is already violated enough without deliberately helping them


+1 no FB or twitter or any other such nonsense for me. Send me pictures via an email or text, or call me. I'm on Linked-in for career related stuff, but in the end, I don't find it particularly useful. Else I'm on forums related to firearms, prepping, knives, etc.


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Cpl shooting forums,some machinist stuff,and that's about it. Heck no on FB,Twitter,etc.

We have a very tightknit family,4 grown sons all with families. We have had several Text conversations that have going on for YEARS. One where it's just the boys and me,that one's X rated. We yap about guns,trucks,tractors,hunting.

The other one has women folk,Gkids,and some other relatives,plus us knuckleheads. We keep it clean. NEVER talk politics or religion. And there never was any stated policy on that. We just don't need to. It's pics from beach trips,Gbabies in highchairs with spaghetti slung on the walls,holiday pics...... all good family oriented stuff.

Just don't see why that's so hard? Get a handful of friends and just have a group text thing going on.

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I was on Facebook for many years. To me it was a place to keep track of extended family members and old schoolmates, which mostly involved posting pictures of pets and lunch.

I quit last week after realizing that my timeline had become dominated by extremist politics both left and right, and that every time I logged on I got angry with someone. Or everyone. Between that and the idea that every bit of my personal information was being sold to anyone with a credit card...


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I tried facebook a number of years ago, around the time of the Romney-Obama election. I have cousins scattered throughout the country and I thought it would be a good way to keep in touch with them. While my cousins and I were able to have civil discussions regarding the election, facebook friends of my cousins who could see our discussions would interject themselves into them, most of the time in a nasty manner.

The other issue I ran into was facebook bombarding people I grew up with but hadn't seen in decades with my information. I was receiving friend requests from people I wasn't interested in friending. I cancelled my facebook account and THR and now this forum are the only two I frequent.


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I half thought about joining Facebook for the sole purpose of “calling out” certain relatives of mine who post stupid crap.
Relative: “Im so poor, I have no money and need help”
Same relative:” we went out to dinner, I got a new tattoo, and got my hair and nails done”
Me: “What TF are you thinking? How do you reconcile these two statements?”

my wife decided it was best I didn’t join. She’s no fun at all