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  1. str8_forward

    and here they strike again, the ""religion of peace"", my other favorite GO TO HELL group
  2. str8_forward

    makes my blood boil..........

    Of course, there were a few selected places in the US where this sh!t had to start, cacafornia, shitcago, destroit, philly or DC are coming to my mind. WTF? Waking up and reading this crap early in the morning spoils the whole week, and I have to control my anger and get ready for work, but...
  3. str8_forward

    the nuclear football

    the world should be scared considering the retard, followed by willie's hoe and nasty pelosi being in possession and charge of the football: "I'd be happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do, Nance," Biden told the speaker. "Whatever you want me to do." my initial assessment...
  4. str8_forward

    the domestic terrorist squad and some other lefty loonies

    I am gonna bet she is lying through her horse teeth: and here comes the one who makes "dumb blondes" look smart...
  5. str8_forward

    bideT 101_how to stab all our supporters and friends in the back_starting the 21st of January 2021

    This will be an ongoing list: funions: 26. Jan 2021___ Canada: 23. Jan...
  6. str8_forward

    no kahunas in Congress

    what a shame that nobody in Congress has the balls to file articles of impeachment against obozo and billy-goat clinton (respectively TREASON, releasing enemies/ prisoners from GITMO and TREASON, selling military secrets to china)? If these gutless wonders would have their act together, these...
  7. str8_forward

    the wuhan virus miracle of Jan 2021

    As predicted, the wuhan virus will go away very quickly
  8. str8_forward

    list of biden's lies and giveaways to foreign countries/entities, starting today, 24 Jan 2021

    Well, at this time the 4 billion it's only an offer, but as the ""negotiations"" about OUR tax dollar giveaways will continue, the number will only go higher. hope that joe has placed an order for additional money printing presses...
  9. str8_forward

    ...joe biden's new slogan

    Get used to the new slogan for joe's short appearance as president (until camel-hair pushes him down a flight of stairs): NOTHING WE CAN DO This is the sob story we...
  10. str8_forward

    nasty pelosi

    Yes this is going to be controversial: If she had made already made a few hundred copies and given those for free to the last few remaining conservative bastions of freedom, I might actually support her actions...
  11. str8_forward

    First act of treason before being in office

    there we have it already, and the clown is not even in office yet ! As a legal immigrant I am so sick of this crap, someone should beat joe and the hoe to pulp and tar and feather them afterwards. My wife...
  12. str8_forward

    New York lawmaker seeks to ban bulletproof vests for law-abiding citizens

    the land of the free........??????????? What's YOUR take on this? Let me try to understand this, while politicians: 1) have armed guards 2) armored vehicles 3) and are living in secure houses/areas, 4) supporting to defund law enforcement 5) while the crime rates in their cities are...
  13. str8_forward

    GM Debuts Futuristic Concept for Electric Flying Car

    Not trying to be funny, but they can hardly make reliable cars for the road, who in the world would take a risk going in one of these?:ROFLMAO: