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    Access to Electricity: Luxury or Right?

    Note: I tried posting the same thing in 'Musings' but it's waiting for approval for some reason. So I'm trying here. Most of you probably know that the polar vortex and subsequent frigid temperatures have caused power outages on the Texas power grid. This has left millions without electricity...
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    "Socialism", by any other name...

    Okay, I'm pretty sick of hearing this line about how the Democratic party is now full of socialists and communists. So.... Which of these countries do you think are socialist, and why? Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Belgium...
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    The New World Order

    Unlike my last thread on climate change, I have no data, evidence or insight into this concept. So I'm not going to spend much time arguing with anyone about it, though I do think the idea is pretty far fetched. So please, if you have any thoughts about the NWO and how it will destroy the...
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    Climate Change Anyone?

    I'm seriously interested in what you guys think about climate change. I know what I believe, which is that it is largely - if not solely - a man made problem, which is only going to get worse. But I want to know what you think. And more importantly, why? (Let's keep it friendly though)
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    Trump Can't Lose!

    Really? So, there are no protests going on? Those protests and riots aren't just about the BLM movement any more. They're also about frustration with the government and the current administration. Whether or not you agree with those people, surely you can see that they exist and that they hate...
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    Market Set For A Dive?

    I've started watching the stock market pretty closely since the beginnings of the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems to have recovered rather quickly to within only a couple hundred points on the S&P. That's a little odd to me, especially considering that prior to Trump getting elected and the...
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    Netflix Documentary: Coronavirus Explained

    I got on to Netflix this morning and they had a new limited series. 'Coronavirus Explained'. There's only one episode currently, and it's 26 minutes long. But if like me, you are not well versed in viruses and pandemics and how they work, it's worth watch. If you watch it, let us know what you...
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    What happened to my thread?

    Earlier today, after getting permission to post TEOWAWKI threads, I started a thread in the Musings sub forum, entitled 'Lights Out: power grid failure'. When I checked on it, I saw a 'pending approval' type of message with a shield image next to it. I checked back later, and the thread was...
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    Lights Out: Power Grid Failure

    I didn't grow up in America, despite being a US citizen from birth. So I don't really know who Ted Koppel is. But he wrote a book titled 'Lights Out'. It's about how vulnerable our power grids are. It's been somewhat painful reading through it, as he has fleshed it out with pointless...
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    Can we? And where should we?

    I'm wondering about TEOTWAWKI threads: EMP, Nuclear, terrorist attack, etc. And maybe survival or woods skills threads. Can we talk about those here? And if so, which sub forum is appropriate? I'm thinking there's some good practical knowledge we could share with each other.
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    The Two Party Picnic

    The Two Party system as it stands, is bad. I have an analogy for the problem. You're going on a political picnic. You get to choose which party you go with. But you must eat every policy in their basket, no matter how bad it tastes to you. Say what you will, but I have a few firm and...
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    Hong Kong Protests

    Has anyone heard anything about the protests that were going on at the end of last year in Hong Kong, over a disagreement about the 2 countries/1 government thing or whatever it was? It seemed like that was getting pretty serious, but now seems non-existent. I think a pandemic got in the way...
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    Normal May Be A Long Way Off

    How long do you think it'll be til things are back to normal? I'm guessing summer of 2021 for general society, and maybe 2022 for an economic recovery. I'm also guessing after the curve is flattened somewhat and we try to "reopen for business" we'll see another major outbreak, or possibly even...
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    How Much Is Essential?

    The Covid-19 pandemic and 'stay-at-home' orders have made one thing clear to me. If all the somewhat essential work is still being done, our society is doing really well. Let me explain. A lot of people are not currently working. But we still have water, trash collection, electricity, gasoline...