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  1. Ranb

    Market Set For A Dive?

    The interest rate on my retirement account is less than 1% now due to the pandemic and the state's response to it. No where to go but up I hope. I'm just staying put until it recovers.
  2. Ranb

    SCOTUS and the Second Amendment

    The bump stock ban is being re-visited at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, but maybe the Supreme Court will take an interest in the future if required.
  3. Ranb

    The best state to move to.

    WA threatened to improve a bit for a while, but now things are going stale. The Democrats got silencer use and SBR's back, but Representative Brian Blake (D) said he didn't have the support for the short barreled shotguns. The Range Protection Act failed and my local gun club is going...
  4. Ranb

    Welcome, THR folks!

    Hello from Western WA. :)
  5. Ranb

    Responding to crazy...

    I post on some forums and websites that cater to viewpoints that differ from my own. Preaching to the choir does no good at all.