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    A feel good thread.

    There are so many feel good moments in my life But yesterday my grand daughter introduced me to her boyfriend by saying : "This is my G-pa, he will kill you if I tell him to.
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    Who's Still Wearing A Dem Diaper?

    Some random thoughts...... Derek just appointed me a mod here. Some of you might know me from THR. I just got to say: Congrats gentlemen. This has been a calm, rational discussion! Intelligent, thoughtful points on both sides and it amazes me it has gone 4 pages without rancor. You are all to...
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    Welcome, THR folks!

    Welcome all, let's make this place great
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    Who's Still Wearing A Dem Diaper?

    I wish Fauci would make up his mind!
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    Arfcom offline

    It is back up.
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    Arfcom offline is off line because Go Daddy shut it down. It is happening!
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    Can a moderator please get rid of...

    I don't come here a lot anymore because of trolls.