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    Does anyone regret their vote for Joe Biden?

    Your reply shows you no inkling of the oil business. The price of West Texas Intermediate crude was $$37.66 on election day, 2020. Right now, today, it is $79.35 almost double what is was back then. Biden has had no effect? Peddle that to the other liberals. I'm done. No use dealing with...
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    Does anyone regret their vote for Joe Biden?

    Hey, throw in the US too. It is estimated that 50 to 61 million babies have been aborted since Wade vs. Roe went in to effect.
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    Does anyone regret their vote for Joe Biden?

    Um, shutting down construction of a major pipeline and stopping leases on federal land had nothing to do with putting roadblocks in front of oil production? The price of crude started climbing immediately upon those actions and hasn't stopped yet. Oil is traded as a commodity and like all...
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    Does anyone regret their vote for Joe Biden?

    The only influence the president has over energy production is the amount of roadblocks he throws in it path. Trump was smart enough to throw none and the energy sector responded to the demand like gangbusters. Biden immediately started with roadblocks and we can see what that has done. Hint...
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    Official Food Thread

    I didn't take any so you are stuck with taking my word that it take place. As a matter of fact I just had the last left over cheddar bay biscuit for breakfast.
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    Official Food Thread

    Yesterday we had the clan gathering and had catfish, cheddar bay bisquits, pinto beans, cornbread, cold slaw, potato salad, french fries, cheese and mac, and I might have missed one or two items. Something for everyone from the 2 year old to me. The good thing about this was that my only...
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    And even after taking the so called vaccine. :rolleyes:
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    Official Woodworking Thread

    I also work in metal and made the bolt handle, knob, trigger guard, muzzle devise, and the buttplate. I also made the hog saddle type clamp on the tripod.
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    Official Woodworking Thread

    Nice stuff, GO'B. I do some wood working also. This is the only picture I have of one of my projects, done several years ago.
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    It Looks Like We Have a Cat.

    Several cats have owned me over the years thanks to town people thinking I wanted a cat. I have never been lucky enough for one of them to have been a Maine coon but I enjoyed every one of them even though they were just cats. I'm currently catless.
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    Medium Rare or Medium?

    I love good ribs, brisket, pulled pork, etc. but detest having to do anything with cooking it. I am in luck with it all though as my son and son-in-law love to use their smoker or grills so I get fed quite well. My wife loves to cook also and does pulled pork in a crock pot that is the best I've...
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    Fauchistas Have Egg on their Faces.

    That is just one of the things Bush got wrong. The good doctor (?) should spell his last name F-a-r-c-e or F-r-a-u-d-e.
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    Climate Fraud Going Into Overdrive

    For some reason I have trouble relying on long term predictions from scientists that can't even predict the weather accurately for three days in advance. Argue all you want but man is a tiny drop in the ocean of things that affect the weather. Mother Nature always wins. Meanwhile we as a nation...
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    Fauchistas Have Egg on their Faces.

    I think he is in the political spectrum because he is not competent enough to work in the private sector. I base my opinion on his constant wishy-washy statements during this mess. One day it was this will happen, a couple of days later it was the exact opposite. He isn't even a good politician.
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    What have you been reading?

    I enjoy Ringo and have read most of his stuff. I kind of burned out on the MH series although I may pick it up again in the future. I'm currently catching up on John Sanford, Lee Child and Stuart Woods. I an also re-reading an Alan Dean Foster trilogy that started in 1974.
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    Biden surprises me by making sense

    Neither party cares about anything except remaining in Washington and increasing their power to tell the common man how he is going to live his life. Meanwhile they enrich themselves and enjoy a much better health care system and retirement. They take care of themselves and throw us crumbs, very...
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    Worst President

    LBJ and Obama were tied for worst in my book but this blithering idiot that now resides in the white house just booted them into second place and he hasn't even got good started.
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    CCP Virus Survival Gardens?

    I believe I'll wait awhile as it was snowing this morning.
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    Blue State Blues: 9 Signs That Joe Biden Is a Third World Leader

    President Walter, no, I won't insult a ventriloquist's dummy by compring him to Biden so I will rephrase and call him slo jo, the idiot. Slo jo is only the nose of the camel under the tent. If people don't wake up we will become another Venezuela a few years down the road. Too many people want...
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    Access to Electricity: Luxury or Right?

    The co-op here will provide you power. The only catch is that you have pay for five miles of line to get it to you. Sounds fair to me>